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This week Studfist is introducing us to a hot athletic latino stud that goes by the name Cryxus. Geared up in my own favorite fisting kit: jockstrap, cap, and sneakers Cryxus has his ASS UP ready to take on Amerifist’s big fists. But the big top’s fists are clearly a challenge at the start but it’s not long before the latino pig bottom shows his pleasure by groaning loudly and wiggling his little booty. Amerifist responds digging deeper and harder, then slamming his pumped up hole with his meaty cock… I’m sure Cryxus will be cumming back for more fun soon….


Happy Fourth of July!!

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Oxballs have come out with a new 100% silicone double fucker that doubles the girth of your cock to really fill out a hungry ass pigs hole. I’m really liking where Oxballs is going with their anal sex toys. As a bottom I enjoy being fisted wide open and then fucked by my top, this toy is gonna take it to the next level…

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Double Fisting Friday FFun!

Porn: XXL hung Krave Moore blasts Armond Rizzo’s hole until it is nothing but a sloppy mess @ Club Inferno Dungeon

The new scene release for ASSult is out! Starring our favorite pint-sized asspig Armond Rizzo and the man with a mammoth sized dong – Krave Moore. Krave’s dong is one real life ass-stretcher that has gotta be a similar size to one of our favorite dildos – the BAM! Krave has performed in quite a few fucking scenes, both as top and bottom, with Next Door Ebony, but this is his first with Club Inferno Dungeon. Armed with a mouth stretching sized silver bullet and a large bulbous missile, Krave blasts and digs deep into Armond’s hole until it is nothing but a sloppy mess. Krave then puts his own tool to the task slamming his mammoth rod deep into Rizzo’s hole aiming to shove every inch as far and deep as the bottom can take…and we all know Rizzo’s pig hole can take a lot of punishment!