Porn: Matthias von Fistenberg opens his hole for a fisting from Dylan Ray & Josh Rubens

Matthias von Fistenberg’s hole gets worked over in the new release from hardcore fisting studio Darkroom. Matthias is intent to service tattooed studs Dylan Ray and Josh Rubens. The pig bottom opens his mouth and swallows down the two stud’s cocks, before opening his arse for their muscled fists. The muscled studs stretch out Matt’s hole and really get him warmed up before giving him a fisting one-two combination.


Get Shafted with Shaft Lube!

If you have ever played with Crisco, you know that you need a hell of a lot of soapy suds to wash it off your hands and toys. Well, Shaft is something to consider. I haven’t yet tried it out, but it is an oil based, Crisco-like lube that washes off with water. Apparently it was the original content in Boy Butter, and continues to be a good seller at Mr S. Leather. I will definitely be ordering a tub and trying it out!


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Straight ass pig HollowFF is a hardcore player. He gets off on his ass being stretched and fisted deep and wide. After being previously Hollow’d out by Amerifist at Studfist, he is back to once again get defiled by the top stud’s mighty paws. Straddled in the sling, Amerifist stretches the horny straight boys hole wide, digs his paws extra deep, and for good measure, fucks the jock with his meaty cock then slips a hand in as well. When you watch this scene, you will not believe this guy usually has his girlfriend’s fist or strap-on up his hole.


Porn: Drew Sebastian & Boyhous get greedy for fist

Greedy Hole is the new series release from fisting porn studio Club Inferno Dungeon, and I’m liking it already. Kitted out in sports jockstraps, socks, sneakers, and cap, Drew Sebastian and Boyhous get to show us how greedy their holes are. Boyhous first gets down on his knees and deep throats Drew’s massive cock, but Drew feels the compulsion to have his asshole dominated. As soon as Drew exposes his puckered hole, Boyhous totally takes control with his fist. The bright red rosebud is the prize that Boyhous is after. Drew urges Boyhouse to go deeper totally surrendering his gaping man hole to Boyhous’ meaty fist.