PORN: Ross Vincent blindfolded and ass slapped into anal submission by Marcelo Reeves

Who hasn’t fantasied about being blindfolded, and dragged into a basement dungeon for some hole slapping, ass stretching fist fuck? Well that is just what happens to Ross Vincent in Stock Released over at Fisting Central, when Marcelo Reeves catches the sandy blond stud off guard, slapping and fucking Ross’ ass into opening wide .When Ross is good and stretched, Marcelo slides his fist into Ross’ ass… stretching his hole wider and wider until at last Ross shoots his load.




Porn: Arm-hungry stud Korben gets the human puppet treatment from fist master Violator

Violator has one of those tattoos on his forearm that measure by the inches, and when you’re a fist master with a name like Violator you need to know just how deep your fist bottom can go. In the latest Darkroom release, Inches of Forearm, arm-hungry stud Korben is strung up like a puppet with arms bound and pole-dances on Violator’s massive arms begging and pleading for more as he edges inch by inch down to ecstasy.


Porn: Boomer Banks cock stuffs and fist fucks Brian Bonds to breaking point

Club Inferno Dungeon’s latest series, Breaking the Bond, continues in a hot new scene starring hung stud Boomer Banks with his tattooed paws in Brian Bonds. The play starts off with surgical steel sounds deep in their piss slits, with Boomer expertly milking Brian Bond’s rock hard stuffed cock. But that’s just a prelude to the ass stuffing soon to cum. With one might boom, Boomer goes for the whole fist at once, applying slow, steady pressure until his hand slips through to the wrist. There is no pussy footing here! Brian rocks back and forth as Boomer works his fist with ruthless pleasure. Not to be out-done Brian pulls out the sounds and starts stuffing his cock as he takes Boomer’s fist at the same time!