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Beefy, muscular Toffic is ready for an intense workday at the packing company. Little does he know his day will involve, not stuffing packages, but himself! Horny and all alone, he discovers lube and a set of dildos have already been left out for him. Stripping out of his blue coveralls, Toffic proceeds to work his hot, muscles ass using as many fingers as he can. But when that’s not enough, the tattooed muscle hunk grabs one of the large and thick, blue knobby numbers and starts plunging in and out of his hungry hole. He takes his sweet time stretching himself out, thoroughly enjoying the thrashing he’s giving his own hole. Needless to say, this is one very satisfying job Toffic loves! Wouldn’t it be great if we all had a stuffing job like this one?


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Porn: Sexy FFuckers Dylan Saunders and Dolan Wolf get down and FFilthy

Dylan Saunders has got the quintessential dark brooding looks, but besides being tall, dark, and handsome, hunky Dylan is a whole lot of FFun. Speaking of holes; Dylan has got one hot fuck-hole and a chunky piece of ass to match. We all know Dolan Wolf can bottom with the best of them, but this time round Dolan is in the driving seat and boy does he know how to work a hole. Dolan uses buckets of sticky lube to coat Dylan’s hole inside and out, then slams a bright-yellow monster dildo right up there. Black boots in the air, Dylan grits his teeth and moans as Dolan smacks the center of his sphincter…but that is just the start to stretching this stud hole out…It’s time for Dylan to feel Dolan’s mighty paws :P


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Porn: FFucking deep daddy holes to the elbow and beyond

Hot Desert Knights have been filming hardcore fisting scenes for the past 10 years. To celebrate they have released a compilation of some of their best deep fisting moments. Titled FFUCKING DEEP HOLES, this handball extravaganza has over 2 hours of footage divided into 4 episodes. 10 scenes and 16 men  in an incredible fisting frenzy from start to finish of hardcore deep ass penetrating play. Pure extreme deep handball action, two handed ass stretching, double fist fucking, rapid fire punching and the deepest hole exploring action to the armpits that you ever will see. It’s absolutely un-fucking-believable!

STARRING: Tony Ryder, KiwiMuzza, RedRight, Richard Rider, Lex Leder, Mike Toms, Steve Wild, Sid Code, Kurt Woodfever, Andre, Hannes, Mitch Banning, Eagerboy, Steve Tuck, Ardon Masters and C.J. Michaels


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Drew Sumrock and Drew Sebastian look like real men: hairy, sweaty, tattooed men dressed in leather. And when it comes sex they like it FFilthy. Sebastian slams his huge cock into Sumrock’s ass for a rough fucking, but when that’s not enough, he adds his hand to the mix. Alternating between his fist and his cock, Sebastian stretches Sumrok’s hole to the max. Sumrock even manages to get double penetrated by Sebastian’s cock and fist at the same time! Sweaty and sticky, with lube everywhere, they explode with semen all over each other.