Porn: Rogue Status’ hairy puckered hole gets plugged and fisted by Brandon Moore @ Club Inferno Dungeon

Hairy holes are hot, especially lubed up hairy pig holes just like Rogue’s. Rogue Status has been in few scenes now with Club Inferno Dungeon, and I’m liking him even more. Spread wide open in a sling, sexy muscled stud Brandon Moore stretches Rogue’s hole with a huge buttplug (the mega fat kind that we all want to take). Brandon puts all his muscle behind the massive toy attempting to plug the bottom pig’s hole. Stretched to a rosy gape, Brandon dumps the buttplug and dives into Rogue’s hungry hole with his fists. The intensity builds and Rogue squeezes out a cum load with Brandon’s fist planted deep inside.


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Porn: All you need is spit – Frank Valencia shows John Rodriguez what it means to wear fisting RED

This is how an asspig earns his stretch marks over at DarkroomJohn Rodriguez has a hot hungry arse, but to wear red you have to earn your stripes. Hot tattooed top Frank Valencia takes no prisoners and shows John Rodriguez what he’s made of. After plunging his throbbing dick down John’s throat, Frank starts tearing up John’s hungry hole with his fists with just spit as lube, showing him what a good raw gut punch really feels like.


Jockstrapped butts ready for action


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Get dressed RED

Porn: Amerifist milks Chuck Deep’s pig cunt @

Chuck Deep is in San Francisco for a quick visit but even a short visit is not be complete without hooking up with Amerifist at for some serious handball ffun. Chuck is all about pushing limits, and Amerifist is not one to hold back the punches. Bare-fisted, Amerifist feeds his massive fists into Chuck’s pig lips, milking the bottom’s hole until Chuck blows a massive load.


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