Porn: Zack Taylor gets his fist into Brian Bond @ Fisting Central

Fisting Central has just released a new scene from Warehouse Fists, with Brian Bonds and Zack Taylor. You would have seen Zack a few times before, usually on the receiving end of a fist, but this time he gets his fist into Brian Bonds deep hole. Not one to hold back, Brian offers lots of verbal encouragement as his ass muscles relax, giving way to Zack’s fist to rotate its way deeper. Srteadying himself against a step ladder, Brian grips hard and holds on for dear life and Zack punishes his pig hole for wrist to forearm deep.



Porn: Sean Duran drills Private Armond Rizzo’s juicy ass

Private Armond Rizzo hasn’t busted his nut in almost a week and he’s horny as fuck. As luck would have it he’s been assigned the night watch alone and he’s brought along some of his favorite toys to keep him company. The young soldier grabs a bullet-shaped latex dildo, lubes up his tight hole, and shoves it up his ass. Although he tries to keep his solo assplay on the downlow his moans attract the attention of Sean Duran who comes in and catches Rizzo in the act. Duran strokes his giant cock then steps up to take over for Rizzo. He swaps out the butt-bullet for the 10′ inflatable, a much more formidable weapon to really put Rizzo’s hole to the test. Armond rises to the occasion and even begs for more, prompting Sean to shove the heavy anal beads up his freshly stretched hole. Sean continues his anal assault while both men jerk off and eventually blast loads all over Rizzo’s big juicy ass.