Porn: Zak Spears plugs Thom Barron’s ass with glass dildo

How horny is this massive glass dildo about to go up Thom Barron’s hole. You could warm it up to get your hole open. Then when you have finished trashing your hole, you could cool it down so you can wreck your hole some more! The preview video for this scene does not include a clip of the glass dildo play, but Zak Spears is one horny player fucker. He has that raw sexual masculinity that will get any bottom on his back and legs spread wide…


Porn: Amerifist gets arms length into Czech pig FistPeter

FistPeter is one of my favorite amateur asspigs over at StudFist. He’s had his hole wrecked by Amerifist four times on last count, and each time he puts on a hell of a show. Amerifist pushes his ass to the limit, including punch arm fisting, and double fisting that goes from traditional sling to sloppy hole fist diggin’ in the sit sling. But as we have seen in previous scenes, FistPeter takes it all in his stride and more! And as always, FistPeter does not hold back with his facial expressions. His eyes rolling back and bulging out, and that tongue that pants out makes this video extra hot viewing.


Porn: Gio Ryder fists Brock Rustin’s big furry ginger ass

Brock Rustin has been in a few hot scenes at Club Inferno Dungeon, and this new scene with young gun Gio Ryder is no exception. Brock has got one of those holes that you just want to keep on stretching. Rimmed with ginger bum fuzz, Brock’s hole is ripe enough to eat the hell out of, and the film crew must agree as we get some mouth-watering close-ups of his pliable hole. Brock is a horny ffucken asspig. His grunts, groans, and red headed madness is just the right kind of dirtiness to make anyone into assplay hot under the collar, and, more importantly, rock hard down below. If this scene hits the spot, and I’m sure it will, make sure you check out his other scenes for more ginger-haired ass stretching ffun.