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Nate Grimes takes Ashley for a wild Ryde destination forearm

Nate Grimes has in mind planting his fist deep inside Ashley Ryder’s asshole. But before Nate completely destroys Ashley’s hole, he wants a taste so he bends the stud over and sticks his face as far in as it will go. This is going to get sloppy. Nate alternates fists in and out of the giant loose asshole and goes elbow deep inside the gaping jock. Pig hungry as always, Ashley reaches around to feed his ass with his own fist. He squeezes it inside along with Nate’s arm as he moans, begging for Nate to go deeper.¬†Ashley rides Nate’s entire forearm¬†until he blasts a big creamy load of jizz all over his own stomach.

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Gage Lennox digs fist deep to hit Nate Grimes’ G-spot

Both Gage Lennox and Nate Grimes are ffucken sexy fist pigs in totally different ways. Nate Grimes is cute as a button with one hot and sexy fist hole, and Gage Lennox is a hot furry stud with nice thick forearms. in totally different ways. Put them together and you have one hot fist scene. By the end of it you will be saying ‘Holey Shit’ just like Nate Grimes does when Gage’s fist hits the right spot deep in his hole…

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