Porn: Pint-sized Asian bottom Ben Houston hits the sling with Drew Sebastian’s clenched fist

Asian pocket rocket Ben Houston is the tiniest little guy but with one big appetite for fist. When Ben had a chance to do another scene for, he put in a wild request to do a scene with Drew Sebastian. Well, the boys over at Studfist were able to arrange just that! Luckily for Ben, and for us, Drew was just as keen for a play session with the pint sized little piggy…


Porn: Jockstrapped muscle hunk Shawn Wolfe gets his paws into Brian Bonds

Club Inferno Dungeon continues Breaking the Bond, with jockstrap muscle hunk Shawn Wolf getting his gloved paws into Brian Bonds’ hole in scene 3 of the series. This scene is something different, even before the action starts the two hunks speak directly into the camera about their personal obsessions with fisting. Shawn is a newbie to fisting, and I like his cheeky attitude. The boy loves watching fisting and likes his hand in an ass – what’s not to love! Brian Bonds is a veteran and has no problems showing the news how to get off.  When they get down to play, it’s like their performing a private, piggy sex show just for you and your fuck buddies. They talk directly to the camera and really get into some dirty talk with each other – and to you. Get a load of the preview video below, then head over to Club Inferno Dungeon for the full scene.


Paul McCarthy installs controversial ‘buttplug’ sculpture in Paris

A controversial art installation by Paul McCarthy caused outrage in Paris due to it’s resemblance to a buttplug. The giant 24 meter high inflatable sculpture called “Tree” was said to resemble a Christmas tree, but the image sparked the dirty Parisian minds who saw it as a giant anal sex toy.

Unfortunately, the wires holding the sculpture in place were cut by vandals, who also shut down the air pump causing the sculpture to collapse. Culture Minister Fleur Pellerin blasted the vandalism, calling it “a serious attack on the principle of artistic freedom.”

I applaud the officials that actually approved this piece in the first place. Pity it was met with such outrage.