Porn: Rouge Status & Matt Hart FFill time between special ops missions @ Club Inferno Dungeon

When you know that tomorrow could be your last day you would do anything to get that sexual release one more time. But for Rogue Status jerking his cock doesn’t satisfy, he needs that sexual hit of something a bit more dirty and hardcore, and for that he needs a extra set of hands. To help him out he enlists his military buddy Matt Hart. Still in his uniform Rogue’s buddy takes his mission in hand and gives Rogue the sexual release he needs. For these boys there’s nothing like a bit of outdoor sex to fill the time between special ops missions…


Porn: Raw and Rough Fist and Piss

The filthy men over at Raw and Rough are elbow deep in each others holes in a piggy play session. Aussie’s hairy man hole gets rammed deep with a huge dildo, then fisted wide before being pissed on by bear daddy Mike Hog. Then Bud and Dax Reed take turns deep fisting each other (I’m talking elbow deep) till both of them blow a nice load.



Porn: FFuck buds Brian Bonds & Dolan Wolf hit the sling @

Brian Bonds and Dolan Wolf are seasoned ass stretching pigs, so when I saw that had put these two together for play session, I just knew it would be hot. Bother these boys are accomplished fisting bottoms that love getting their holes stretched, so I bet there was a race to get in the sling first. Jockstrapped and legs his in stirrups, Brian Bond’s gets his hole fisted, punched, and stretched. Brian gets so turned on by Dolan’s fist up his hole that his jockstrap can no longer contain his engorged meaty cock, but that just gives something else for Dolan to work over.  Not wanting to be left out, Brian gives Dolan’s ass the attention it needs in a cheeky 69er fisting position that satisfies both boys holes.