Welcome to my blog

Well here it is…my new blog. I had to create a new blog on more adult porn friendly platform. Blogger deleted my blogspot blog without warning. It seems they have deleted quite a few porn blogs over the last few months. Not sure what their agenda is…

Over the course of the next couple of weeks I will try to repost pictures and links to my old videos, as well as some new fisting ones

I may also going to try to share a bit of my life with you as well as post pictures and bits of interest to those into ass.

I hope you enjoy the new look blog

To check out all my videos hit the XTUBE link in the top right to see my Amatuer Xtube Page or click HERE

To start things off, here is the picture I have used in my header. Taken just before a fist session a couple of weeks ago…my ass is covered in crisco…yum…

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