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I often get asked what lube I use for dildo and fisting play. There is a wide variety from water-based, to oil-based, to silicone lube. There are also many brands and formulations. I have to say I have hot tried that many types of fisting lube. The main reason I have not tried that many is simply because a lot of them I consider too expensive for what they are. Here is my review of the basic and relatively cheap options:

Water-based lube – definitely not good for dildo or fisting play. When you use it on toys, there is no smooth glide. There is also noticeable sticking points where your skin sort of rubs on the toy like there is no lube. I do, however, use water-based lube if I insert a dildo during a douche. Inserting a dildo helps to loosen and open me up for a deeper cleanse. Using water-based lube does not interup the feel of the douching process.

Silicone lube – Silicone based lube is okay to play with for both dildo and fisting play. It coats everything nicely, is very smooth and glides nicely. It is a nice quick go to if you don’t have your usuals on hand. The fact that silicone lube coats everything is a positive, but can also be a negative. It makes play very slippery. Opening a bottle of poppers while coated with silicone lube is near impossible. Trying to wipe the silicone off you hands with a towel doesn’t do much good. Nothing seems to get it off except a good bath. Silicone lube can also stain your sheets and clothes, so be careful. I have also read that you should not use silicone lube with silicone toys. Apparently, it is possible for the lube to bind with the toy causing lumps and a ruined dildo. Lastly, silicone lube can be quite expensive particularly with the amount of lube you can use in a play session. One bottle for me lasted only two play sessions.

Boy Butter – My fisting buddy bought a tub of Boy Butter, the black tub with clove oil. The clove oil helps to numb or desensitise your sphincter (similar to how clove oil is used to numb tooth pain), thereby making entry a lot more easier. It has a great feel. It is smooth and glides nicely. It can however, get a bit too soft in consistency in warm weather. When I used it on my buddies hole, he thought is was great. It made him take my fist easier and for longer. When my buddy used it on my hole, I though the consistency was great, but in my opinion it had a big downside. The clove oil definitely numbed my hole, but it also numbed the experience. The pleasure I get from being fisted was dulled by the clove oil, particularly the very height of ecstasy that accompanies each fist penetration. Basically, it was hard to experience that pleasure-pain high when everything was numbed. I will have to try the original yellow Boy Butter without the clove oil.

Crisco – Crisco is well known for fisting play so I will not go into too much detail. Crisco was the first lube I used for dildo and fisting play. I even took my first fist using just Crisco as lube. The big pluses of Crisco is that it is cheap, readily available, and gives a nice smooth long lasting glide. It also feels great especially on a sloppy hole. I think it will ever be associated with piggy assplay. Crisco does, however, have its downsides. I lost many jockstraps to Crisco, owing to its ability to eat away and destroy the elastic straps of my jockstraps. It also eats away at latex gloves quite quickly. There are also pot marks on my toilet seat from the powerful corrosive factor of Crisco. Play towels also need a strong hot wash to get rid of that strong Crisco smell. Despite all this, Crisco is a good staple to have in the fridge or freezer (Crisco Balls). Just writing about it makes me want to buy a tub and have a play, that is, minus my jockstrap.

J-Lube – J-Lube is my current lube of choice. It is cheap, slippery as hell, and nothing else comes close to its smoothness and glide. Best thing is that it is water-based. It comes in powder form and needs to be mixed with warm water followed by a good shake. You can add more water or more powder depending on the consistency you like. It is best to mix it before-hand; preferably the day before to allow any clumps to dissipate. During play it can be quite stringy and can get a bit messy – but it is worthwhile. I prefer using mixed -Lube in a bottle with a nozzle, but I have also used J-Lube powder in a salt shaker; sprinkled it evenly on a toy and then use a spray bottle filled with water to wet. There are recipes on the net to mix J-Lube with Crisco or water-based lube. These two mixes require a microwave, which I don’t use or own, so I have yet to try them. Goes to show  J-Lube is very versatile. Depending on your play frequency, one bottle can last 6months or more. I buy my J-Lube from Fort Troff.  They are kind enough to include a recipe card as well. You can also get J-Lube that has been pre-mixed for you (K-Lube or J-Jelly). If you have yet to play with J-Lube get a bottle now!

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  1. Although I prefer Crisco, I’m sticking to J-lube.
    No smell and easy to clean up with soap and water.

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