Hole Busters Vol 6. (Scene 5) – Nick Moretti & Blake Daniels @ Club Inferno Dungeon

Club Inferno Dungeon has released another scene of Hole Busters Vol. 6. Blake Daniels is on tall, smooth-assed pig that wants his ass worked over. Hairy chest tattooed hottie Nick Moretti is just the one to satisfy Blake’s hole. First up is a bullet shaped butt plug. Blake’s ass swallows the butt plug easily. In a playful mood Nick gets Blake to push out the butt plug over and over again. It comes out with such force it flys across the room. It is clear Blake’s hole can handle something much bigger. Nick Moretti knows this, and gets out the inflatable dildo to punish Blake’s ass. Nick keeps pumping up the dildo despite Blake’s objections, ending in a huge blowout for both of them 😛

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