Punch In:Punch Out (Scene 2) – Jackson Lawless and Jordano Santoro @ Club Inferno Dungeon

There is only one way to get Jackson Lawless to calm down. Lucky for us, getting his ass played with does the job. Scene 2 in Club Inferno Dungeons’s new video series
Punch In:Punch Out stars hot bottom Jackson Lawless and tattooed top Jordano Santoro. With no toys around to stick in his hole, Jackson Lawless greases up the handle of his hammer and slides it right in. In walks his boss Jordano unhappy with what Lawless is doing with his tools. With no patience for arguments Lawless orders his boss to glove and and slide his fist right up his ass. Jordano obliges, sinking his tattooed meaty foreams in and out of Lawless’ greased hole. Hot moans galore in this one boys.


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