Buck Angel

I came across this horny pic of Buck Angel dildo fucking Ashley Ryder live on stage at a club in Helsinki. If, like me, you have not come across Buck Angel before, he is a transgender man or transman, although he prefers ‘man’ plain and simple. He is a transgender filmmaker, motivational speaker, educator, advocate, porn star and an inspirational individual. You can read more about Buck Angel in the article: ‘A Man Without a Cock or a Country.’

Buck Angel Transgender Transman porn star known as the man with a pussy fisting and dildo fucking guys2

On the porn front, Buck Angel, known as ‘the man with a pussy,’ is no stranger to fisting and dildo fucking guys, and has even starred in Cirque Noir, a production by Titan Men. To see more of his porn scenes, and more trans porn you can check out his site BuckAngel.com. In the meantime, check out some of these pics.

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