What happened to Hole Busters?

I love Club Inferno Dungeon, but what has happened to their Hole Busters Series. They released Hole Busters 10 with a bang in June 2013 with muscle god Marcus Ruhl in the first scene, and then released a second scene, again with Marcus, in August 2013, but since then no more releases!?! There is usually four releases per series, so I know they got more coming. One of the directors recently tweeted these pics of Byron Saint and Rouge Status, and Brandon Moore and Alessio Romero manhandling some dildos. It is a different setting (background) than the first two scenes, so not sure if this is the remainder of Hole Busters 10, but at least there are dildos, so I am hoping they will be released soon! I love me my fisting porn, but c’mon Club Inferno Dungeon, I love my dildo porn just as much!

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