Kane O’Farrell’s dirty talk gets makes Lobo Bayard’s pig hole gape

Kane O’Farrell is a dirty Irish/English dom top with one hell of a sexy accent. As everyone knows, one of my weaknesses is for dirty talking tops, and Kane’s nasty mouth gives it to me in just the right places. And with that accent it just pushes me over the edge. Boy would my ass  open extra wide if he was working my hole and talking like that. This scene starts off with Lobo Bayard letting out a long stream of piss on Kane’s chair, and guess what, Kane’s not happy about it. Lobo is in need of some punishing so Kane gets him to suck his hard cock. But Kane wants to give this boy some real punishment. Getting a taste of Lobo’s hole, Kane grabs a huge dildo and tears up Lobos quivering hole. But, that’s not all, Kane grabs a rubber traffic cone and dirty talks Lobo to take as much as the traffic cone as his gaping ass can handle.


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