Rick West shows off asstonishing self-fisting skills

Hand over fist scene 2 Mitchell James & Rick West Club Inferno Dungeon gay fisting porn scene with boots 1Club Inferno’s own Uber-bottom, Rick West opens the action with an encore performance of his asstonishing self-fisting capabilities. Rick’s ability to pound his own hole is guaranteed to leave you breathless and wondering ‘who needs friends?’ Lean and mean Mitchell James enters the picture after this long and hard auto-assault and proceeds to fuck Rick’s gaping hole. When it’s really loose and sloppy Mitchell gives it a good tonguing and then, without further ado, punch fucks the bejeebers out of it.

Hand over fist scene 2 Mitchell James & Rick West Club Inferno Dungeon gay fisting porn scene with boots 2

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Porn: Dirty German Pigs Marc van Nassau & Max Schmal get ffilthy for DarkAlley XT

Dirty German Pigs S0F3 Max Schmal and Marc von Nassau fist and dildo anal insertion sex at Dark Alley XT

Get ready! Marc Van Nassau is back at DarkAlleyXT to terrorize Max Schmal’s ass with everything he can get his hands on to shove inside him. With an arsenal of huge dildos on hand, Marc pries open Max’s hole with a black dildo then crams his fist right in next to it!  With his hole stretched to breaking point, Max is ripe for a good fist and double-fist that makes his dirty and juicy German hole bud like crazy! Watch all the debauchery…


Porn Update: Red Handed (Scene 3) – Rick Van Sant and Trent Bloom

Red Handed, the new video release from Club Inferno Dungeon, continues to deliver on horny fisting and huge dildo play with Trent Bloom and Rick Van Sant donning latex gloves to get fist deep in each others ass. When Trent Bloom plays you know it will be pure piggy play…and expect to get a good showing of his famous, or should I say infamous, rosebud. This scene gives us pigs exactly what we want. Rick mercilessly punch fucks Trent’s hole to oblivion and back almost splitting Trent in half. Trent pushes his rosbud out to release the pressure, but that just makes Rick crave a fist up his own ass. He orders Trent to don some gloves and get to work on opening his hole. Rick Van Sant’s hole has qualities of its own with Trent fisting his hole almost to the elbow before showing us his huge gape that seems to talk to us.  There is no doubt these boys have the hungriest holes in the business…

Watch the full scene here.

Porn: Red Handed – Trenton Ducati and Rick Van Sant @ Club inferno Dungeon

Red Handed is the new video release by Club Inferno Dungeon. Scene 1 sees Trenton Ducati top fist pig Rick Van Sant. Trenton Ducati breezes in with his leather motorcycle jacket and doesn’t waste much time getting Rick Van Sant on his knees for some cock worship. The real action starts when Rick Van Sant asks Trenton to play with his ass. Rick Van Sant has one of my favorite porn asses. He takes Trenton’s fists effortlessly, wriggling his ass to work on Trenton’s forearms, taking them deep. There is also some great eye contact from Trenton making the scene extra hot. Rick Van Sant’s gaping hole is a pleasure to watch. Check out the full scene here.