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Amerifist destroys Axel’s sloppy fist cunt yet the young punk wants more!

Gay extreme brutal fisting twink Axel Abysse and interracial black Amerifist in Bruised at Studfist porn 1

Axel Abysse likes getting his hole fist fucked hard…well, not just hard, but punished and battered black, blue, and swollen. High on the ecstasy of arse play, Axel takes a pounding from Amerifist, and rides the big man’s fist like an asspig on robitussin.  ASS DESTROYED!

Gay extreme brutal fisting twink Axel Abysse and interracial black Amerifist in Bruised at Studfist porn B

Watch the ass bruising action @ Studfist.

Porn: Axel Abysse can wince & groan but that ain’t stopping Amerifist

Gay extreme rosebud fisting twink Axel Abysse and Amerifist interracial @ Studfist 2

Axel Abysse’s smooth pig hole just keeps getting better and better. In his latest scene with, Amerifist deals Axel some pretty heavy handed play. The young stud winces and groans but that doesn’t stop him from spreading his ass for a relentless barrage of punches from Amerifist’s big fists. Just as his facial expressions portray, Axel’s hole ends up trashed and gaping wide in a beautiful plumped up budding circle of piggy perfection. You just know that’s gonna be black and blue for days afterwards!

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Crackstuffers dildos are very distinctive with their trademark vibrant blue color. Porn studio Bulldog Pit uses them to stuff into hot English holes, and they are a favorite of pornstar/director Ashley Ryder. Crackstuffers have a huge range of dildos and buttplugs that will look amazing sliding in and out of your hole. Check out the full range at and Mr S Leather.

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Bad Dragon make a massive range of colorful and fantastical dildos. Bad Dragon are very creative and playful with both design, color, and naming: Like the horse-shaped dong Chance the Stallion Unflared, Kelvin the Ice Dragon, and Crash the Raptor. The massive sized Flint is a favorite of asspigs for its stability, size, and ridges! These dildos can be very addictive, and you may soon end up with a huge bad ass collection. You have been warned! Check out their full range at Bad Dragon.

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