Porn: Rouge Status & Matt Hart FFill time between special ops missions @ Club Inferno Dungeon

When you know that tomorrow could be your last day you would do anything to get that sexual release one more time. But for Rogue Status jerking his cock doesn’t satisfy, he needs that sexual hit of something a bit more dirty and hardcore, and for that he needs a extra set of hands. To help him out he enlists his military buddy Matt Hart. Still in his uniform Rogue’s buddy takes his mission in hand and gives Rogue the sexual release he needs. For these boys there’s nothing like a bit of outdoor sex to fill the time between special ops missions…


Porn: Hole Busters Vol 8 (Scene 2) – Jimmy Durano & Bobby Hart @ Club Inferno Dungeon

 Little latino hottie Bobby Hart bottoms in the latest Hole Busters release at Club Inferno Dungeon. Bobby’s ass looks just delicious in a jockstrap and even better when propped up on a ladder waiting for an anal orgasm. Jimmy Durano is the lucky top who gets to work on Bobby’s ass, ploughing it with a nice sized falcon knight stick before working up to large latex balls. Check out the preview below then head over to Club Inferno Dungeon for the full scene.