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What Trended Big in 2013?


Well it’s no surprise that Big Dildos trended big in 2013 taking the top 5 posts of the year. Lampwick’s homemade was a huge fan favorite, with the realistic dildo being wanted by most of us to add to our collection.

1. BIG Dildos Big HOles

2. Huge anal play

3. Lampwick

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5. Dildo Play












1. Trent Bloom

Trent Bloom was by far the hottest porn star of 2013. He hit the top spot with the ass defining scene of the year as he slid his pig hole down a massive traffic cone with Evan Matthews in Take the Plunge.

2. Amerifist

Amerifist also hit it big in 2013, fisting his way to the second most popular searched porn pig, with his massive arms rightfully in the minds of horny blog readers. The lucky bottoms on the end of his fists also trended big in searches: Schaffnils jacobson, fistpunkpupffversautdyn0 (one of my favs), chuck deep, fistpeter, and of course David Moleman.

3. Tate Ryder

Grabby Best New Comer Award Winner Tate Ryder hinted all year that he loves a long deep fisting to satisfy his hole. He finally gave us what we wanted with his first on screen fisting with Alessandro Master taking Tate’s fisting porn cherry @ Lucas Raunch.

4. Jessie Balboa 

Jessie’s deep piggy hole is always on the mind of blog readers, and his back catalogue is on constant replay with good reason. Other hot searches for Club Inferno Dungeon performers included: Sebastian Keys, Drew Sebastian, Brock Rustin, and Evan Matthews.

5. Wildassdude

And of course my ass made it into the top 5 searches on this blog.

With over 1 Million page views this year, 2013 has been an amazing year, and I cannot say thank you enough to all my fans and followers for supporting my blog, checking out my Xtube videos, and coming back daily to see my posts. With the New Year nearly upon us, I hope your new year resolutions, dreams, and wishes come true, and don’t forget to include on your list your goals for stretching your hole to accommodate that new larger dildo, or maybe even that first fist for the first time.

Thank you so much, and see you again in 2014 for more ffun!!



I recently stumbled across a video of Jessie Balboa self-administering a huge fucken dildo up his ass right to the base. I can tell you it got me pretty horny and I went back and watched some more of his play. The way he takes it up the ass, especially huge dildos, gets me off every time. Check out this hot picture montage and a video of his play below.