JR Bronson pulverizes Aarin Askin’s scruffy hole with a dildo then fist fucks his hairy ass

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Club Inferno Dungeon: Muscle bear Aarin Asker gets dildo drilled and fist pumped by brute JR Bronson

Dirty fisting comes to Club Inferno Dungeon with Aarin Asker and JR Bronson launching the new fist series: Fist Pumpers. Chiseled and furry-chested JR Bronson has some work to do to satisfy power bottom Aarin Asker. With Aarin eagerly waiting on all fours, JR grabs a super-thick dildo and slowly twists and eases the rubber dong into Aarin’s hairy hole. Once Aarin’s hole begins to stretch, JR shoves the toy all the way in making Aarin let out a yelp of moaning pleasure. JR pulverizes Aarin’s scruffy hole with the dildo then lays him on his back to reach deep inside of Aarin. Both are working up a heavy sweat as they moan and grunt as JR fist fucks Aarin’s ass. JR keeps pounding Aarin’s piggy ass until he shoots his load all over his own balls then JR make him taste his own cum. To finish, JR kneels next to Aarin and oozes his cum onto his beard.


Porn: Hole Busters Vol 8 (Scene 3) – JR Bronson and Mitch Vaughn

JR Bronson has got a hot ass and a hot hole to match. Mitch Vaughn discovers just how hot in Hole Busters Vol 8 (Scene 3). JR Bronson has been hard and work and needs a well earned break. His boss Mitch Vaughn is not so forthcoming, that is until JR shows him just what they can get up to on a break. Mitch bypasses all the usual dildos and opts for the cold hard steel of a flashlight to shove up JR’s hole. Mitch then moves on to an inflatable dildo that fills JR’s hole to the brim. This scene has everything a JR Bronson fan, and dildo play fan, will love: JR Bronson’s hot sporty bubblebutt framed nicely in a jockstrap and that horny moan and dirty talk that gives his scenes the edge. YUM!

Check out the full scene at Club Inferno Dungeon.

PORN: JR Bronson in Pack Attack 8 @ HotHouse.com

I could not resist posting these pics of JR Bronson in the latest release of Pack Attack by HotHouse.com. They are the hottest sports clad pics I have seen in ages. We all know JR Bronson likes his ass and dildo action (see here and here) but in this scene he is pure cocksucking slut that gets covered in an ocean of cum. Thanks for the leg spreading invitation JR 😛

PORN: Punch In Punch Out (Scene 4) JR Bronson & Blue Bailey @ Club Inferno Dungeon

Club Inferno Dungeon has released Scene 4 of Punch In:Punch Out. Drill Sargent JR Bronson is on a mission to give Blue Bailey an ass pounding he won’t forget. JR orders Blue to get on all fours with his big ass in the air. JR opens Blue’s smooth hole using a nice sized dildo. The the real action starts. JR gets the heavy machinery out with dildo attachment, lubes it up and starts hammering Blue’s ass deeper and deeper to oblivion.