All about the ASS.

Hi. I’m Wildassdude. I started this fetish blog back in 2009 as a way to share my love of assplay. But my online story started a few years earlier.

Back in 2006, while I was still a college jock I bought my first huge dildo (the Dick Rambone). It was my first introduction to huge dildo play and I soon became addicted to the feeling of my ass being stretched and filled. I also found I enjoyed watching myself play in the mirror. This led to me recording my play sessions on video, and eventually posting them on Xtube under the name Wildassdude.


My assplay fetish developed further after I met a big-fisted top who managed to cram a fist up my hole for the very first time. The feeling of a fist filling my hole felt amazing and my ass became hungry for more. My big-fisted top became a regular play buddy and I started posting fisting videos soon after.

I started this blog (initially on blogspot before they shut my blog down) to share my own videos and pictures. But as more and more guys started posting assplay/fisting videos and pictures on the internet, my blog morphed into a way to share the hottest amateur videos, pictures, and porn clips. I hope this blog gives you inspiration to stretch your hole and become an assplay addict just like me…


You can see more of my videos on Xtube. Otherwise, enjoy browsing my blog!