Here is a simple anal douching protocol that is a good place to start:

Have your douche hose set up running lukewarm water at a slow trickle. Tepid water will help your bowels to relax. Try to avoid cold water as it can start to damage the inner lining of your anal canal, which is something you don’t want before a play session.

Clear your bowels of poo as much as possible over the toilet.

Next you want to do a couple of quick water flushes to empty any remaining faecal matter trapped in the first part of your bowel. To do this fill the first portion of your arse with water hold for 10 seconds then let out over the toilet. Do this 2-3 times.

Now its time to clean a little deeper.

Fill your arse with water. Fill up until you feel a little pressure & you cannot take any more.

Hold the water in as long as possible (anywhere from 3 to 10 minutes). You can sit, stand, do jumping jacks, whatever you want. When you can’t hold it any longer, let it out over the toilet. Holding it in this long helps to move the water down and helps to prevent water getting trapped. Do this 2-5 times until you are clean.

That’s it! Pretty simple huh?!


Well, sometimes it’s not as simple as that, so here are a few more troubleshooting tips:

The most common problem you will experience is trapped water. This is when you appear to be clean (water comes out clear), but unbeknown to you, there is a reservoir of trapped dirty douching water deeper in your bowels, that will only come out when you least expect…like right in the middle of a play session.

The best way to avoid this is to understand the signals of when you are clean:

  • The douche water you let out should run clear
  • Your bowels should feel clear, relaxed, and you should feel comfortable
  • You should be letting out the occasional fart (this is like your ass saying its empty)
  • You may start to release a clear gooey ‘arse juice’ secretion

An additional step that I like to use during anal douching is to stick a soft 12 inch dildo (such as John Holmes style dildo) up my arse.  When you feel you are clean, have a short play with the dildo using water-based lubricant (the water-based lube will mix with the water, so if you need to douche more it won’t be a hinderance, whereas crisco or other lubes makes it a little difficult).

This short play will open your hole up, and hopefully release any trapped douche water.

Some people’s bowels have a little twist here or there where others don’t. To get around this it may help to twist your body to the right when you fill up your arse with water and when releasing. This helps to straighten out the bowel and allow easier flow.

Another common problem is that you just cannot get clean. It’s like your body is just producing an endless amount of shitty water. The best advice I have been given to stop this is to eat something. It may be the case that your food is moving through your bowels, and to slow this down you want the body to concentrate on digestion of new foods. So, have some toast or dry crackers, have a rest, and then try again. If you can’t get clean you may have to cancel your play session, or get some practice being the top for the night! This may also be an indication that pre-care should be an important part of your douching routine.

There is no one set way to douche. Each person’s body is unique and responds differently, and as you go along you will learn your own body’s quirks and adapt your douche routine accordingly.


What you do between play sessions is often an overlooked opportunity to influence the consistency of your stool/poo. When it comes to anal douching, the firmer your stool the easier the anal douching process.

The best way to influence the consistency of your stools is diet. Eating high fibre foods (grains & cereals, legumes, fibrous vegetables, etc) between play sessions will firm up your stool and is good for your long-term health as well!

In the days before your play sessions it’s a good idea to avoid nuts, seeds and any other foods that do not completely digest. Stray undigested nuts and seeds can scrape the lining of your bowels during play.


In the days after a play session it’s good to replace the good bacteria by eating some probiotic rich yoghurt and/or a multi-strain probiotic capsule, as well as fibre rich foods to help them multiply.