Looking at pictures of gaping fist holes, blooming pink rosebuds, and experienced asspigs taking massive dildos that can make your cock rock hard is one thing, but what if it’s your hole that wants some action?

It can be a daunting task trying to go from taking cocks or small dildos to training your hole to take huge dildos, buttplugs, and even a full fist. But with a little direction and a few tips, your hole will be on its way to pig hole trashed heaven in no time.

Let’s start off with my three rules to trashing your hole:

  1. Practice makes a perfect hole – Play, Play, and MORE PLAY!
  2. Bigger is always better but, DON’T GO TOO BIG TOO SOON!


You want to play regularly – at the least once a week, but ideally 2-3 or more times per week. The more frequent play your hole gets, the faster your ass will stretch, and the more your mind will adapt to being an asspig. Short periods of rest is also important to allow your body to repair and rebuild a bigger hole!

Your play sessions can be alone, or with a playmate; with dildos or fists; bottles or vegetables; or with whatever your dirty mind can conjure up!


This may seem counter-intuitive, but the biggest mistake you can make is to use a dildo way too big for your ass to handle.

Too big and your ass will just clamp up in response.

Too small and and there’s no challenge…and no stretch.

The trick is to start with a dildo that matches your hole’s elasticity and experience, then use small incremental increases in dildo size over time to slowly stretch your hole.

So get the tape measure out and keep track of the circumference/diameter of your dildos as you go along, and each time buy a dildo slightly bigger.


To make your hole training easier, you need to get the essential tools of the trade that are in every asspig’s play kit:


With a huge range of dildos available out there of all colors, shapes, and sizes – what dildo should you buy?

The dildos I like to recommend to start with, and should form the base of any arse pigs tool kit are:

  1. Soft pliable John Holmes style 9-12 inch dildo.
  2. Doc Johnson’s BAM! or Dick Rambone

If you have never played with dildos before, start with a dildo comparable or a little larger to the size cocks you can comfortably take in your arse. That may be a dildo sized anywhere from 6-8 inches.

When your hole is ready I recommend a soft pliable John Holmes dildo. A softer style dildo is a great way to gently open your hole, get the feeling of a dildo deep in your arse, and allow your hole to get accustomed to more assplay without being too harsh.

Next dildo I recommend is a choice between Doc Johnson’s BAM! or Dick Rambone. Both are around the same circumference, but each feels different in the arse. The BAM! is shorter and has a little give making it more comfortable to ride, while the Dick Rambone is longer and much more rigid making it more challenging. Most arse players have at least one of these dildo in their play kit, if not both.

Once your arse can take the BAM! or Dick Rambone, then your next dildo options are endless. If you like the feel of stretching your arse wide and developing a rosebud go for buttplugs. If you like the feel of going deep then go for longer dildos. If you like a little of both, go for longer wider dildos. You’re also ready for training with a fist!

How do you know you’re ready for the next size up?

You’re arse will tell you when you are ready! There is a point where your arse gets hungry for more. You’re asshole will relax around the dildo your taking. There’s no though about discomfort or pain, and you ride that monster like you’re riding a bucking horse. When you reach that point you know you are ready to go bigger!


There are many lubricants available, and all have their pros and cons. I recommend going with lube dedicated to arse play. Start with Crisco and/or J-Lube (or ready mix like X-Lube) which have been the staples of experienced arse players for many years.

Crisco gives you a bit more grip, and is easier to wipe up. But your towels will need extra washing, and can also eat away at plastics, like your toilet seat, if not cleaned up properly.

J-lube provides a very slick surface, but can be more difficult to wipe up. Washes away easier than crisco provided enough water is used to dilute it.

Either way both Crisco and J-Lube are cheap and will handle the most heaviest dildo or fist play.

Once you are familiar with crisco and j-lube you can try other fist and arse play dedicated brands such as: Boy Butter, Fist Lube, etc

Water-based does not provide long-lasting lubrication. It mixes with your arse juices and creates an uncomfortable short slipping motion like walking on wet vinyl flooring with rubber shoes.

Silicone lube does work well in a pinch, however, you will find it way too slippery and almost impossible to handle toys and wipe up, but more importantly, it makes it almost impossible to open your popper bottle.


Types and brands differ from country to country, and region to region.

It really comes down to personal choice. Popular brands are Amsterdam and Jungle Juice Platinum.

Be wary of fakes. Fakes are usually a lot cheaper, with amateurish labels and quality of hit is usually average. The big brands don’t usually change their labels, and quality of hit is usually consistently high.

You want to limit you popper use as much as you can to make the effects last longer. Push you limits of how much arse play you can take between hits and you will see faster progression. When you reach your limits, take another hit of poppers and see if you can push further.


Enema bags from a drug store/pharmacy do not have adequate flow rate, and can be tedious and time consuming.

You can invest in a quality enema attachment kit for your bathroom tap or shower like the ones from Mr S. Leather.

The cheapest, easiest, and effective enema kit is a simple hose with a rubber tap attachment. You can buy a length of plastic tubing and tap attachment from a local hardware store.


Arse play can be messy, which sometimes can be fun, but unless you like a massive clean up after your play session you may like to invest in a few dedicated play towels: big ones to play on and some hand towels to wipe lube off your hands. You could also invest in a big latex sheet from Mr S Leather.

Dark colored towels are a good option for obvious reasons.


As always, practice safe sex.

Have condoms and gloves at hand. Tight fitting nitrile gloves are a good choice as latex gloves can be irritating to the bottom and sometimes the top. Crisco can also quickly breakdown latex gloves.

The risks of contracting HIV and other sexually transmitted infections is much greater for an unprotected (ungloved) top than it is for the bottom. This is because the top has his fists deep in anal secretions and bodily fluids. If a top has any cuts or abrasions on their hands, this constant and extended contact with bodily fluids increases the chance of transmission.

Open and honest communication about status between consensual play partners is a powerful tool.

Also, consider Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP).


For the extra kinky a mirror, camera, and play gear (jockstrap, socks, cap, leather, latex, etc) can really get the mood going 😛