L00SE_P1G – rosebud goes pop

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Axel Abysse has got a taste for ASIAN fist fuckers Asher Hattori & Ryuji

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It’s World Series Fisting FINALS, who’s going to be top BOTTOM?

The big FINALS day is finally here, and the World Series of Fisting panel of judges with Tom Moore, Hugh Hunter, and Joey D, is ready to choose the best fisting bottom in the world. Representing France is Axel Abysse with his massive rosebud, and keeping the Irish proud is Sam Syron, with his gaping hole just ready to take on the competition. With the categories of best self fister, best rosebud, deepest penetration, best punch fistee, and widest gaping hole, these guys have their work cut out for them. Let the FFun begin!!!

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coccyxbroken – dripping red rosebud

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Dolan Wolf proves he is the biggest baddest wolf in town

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