Big Fisted Top Re-opening My Tight Hole

It has been some time since I have played with my ass, let alone get fisted. Add that to all the squats and deadlifts I have been doing and my ass has decided to shut up shop. So I enlisted my big fisted top to slowly open me up again… Now this guy has big fists. His left fist is big…but his right fist is even bigger! As you will see in the video he slowly opens me up with his left fist, then towards the end starts to give me his larger right fist. Now that really opens me up…Hope you enjoy guys… Check out my new video – HERE

More Huge Dildo Play in Red Jockstrap

Me slapping my ass as my hole chows down on a huge black dildo. The extended 10minute version of this video is available in my Amateur account.

Massive dildo play with gaping hole

For some reason the sound did not record on this video but I still think its hot. I have been trying to upload it for weeks now so hope it loads okay. I get my huge dildo all greased up with j-lube and work it into my ass. My ass feels so piggy when it is all greased up and juicy. There is some hot asshole gaping in this vid…enjoy!