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Piss Boy Aarin Gets Fisted @ Raw & RoughAarin Asker is a happy little piss pig, just sitting in the tub taking piss from 5 hot men. When the piss runs out, it’s time for some hard core ass stretching. First Nick Roberts stuffs a couple of huge dildos up Aarin’s ass. Then he proceeds to shove his fist in that hairy hole. Lex Antoine’s ass is eager for some attention too, so he joins Aarin on the fisting bench and gets his hole stretched by Ray Dalton. Lukas Cipriani is watching the action and stroking his big cock. Nick orders Lukas to cum in his hand. Lukas gives his cock a few hard strokes and dumps his nut into Nick’s waiting hand. Nick then takes that cum load own shoves it up Aarin’s boy hole. As Nick works that cum filled fist even deeper, he orders Aarin to bust his nut. Aarin let’s out a low moan as he sprays his cum all over himself and Nick. Nick scoops up some of that man jizz and uses it to jerk off. He pops his nut all over Aarin’s open hole. Ray walks over and cleans up the sticky hot mess with a warm shower of piss. Piss Boy Aarin Gets Fisted @ Raw & Rough2


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Gym rat Aarin Asker is creating an annoying scene at the gym, and he’s months behind on his dues. When manager Connor Maguire goes to confront the prick, Aarin just puts on attitude. Wrong choice. Connor shoves Aarin against the lockers and discovers his stash of freaky toys. Using the rope from the stash, Connor restrains Aarin’s wrists and beats the gym rat down with heavy fists. Aarin has his pecs and balls covered in clover clamps. Aarin soon finds himself suspended spread-eagle across the pull-up bars, with Connor running an electric current through his quads. Pushed to his limit by the electricity, Aarin is helpless as Connor plunges his fist into Aarin’s hole. Connor takes Aarin over to the bench press and treats the slut to a face sitting and harsh flogging. He fucks the cum out of Aarin before giving him a mouthful of cum to finish.


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Dirty fisting comes to Club Inferno Dungeon with Aarin Asker and JR Bronson launching the new fist series: Fist Pumpers. Chiseled and furry-chested JR Bronson has some work to do to satisfy power bottom Aarin Asker. With Aarin eagerly waiting on all fours, JR grabs a super-thick dildo and slowly twists and eases the rubber dong into Aarin’s hairy hole. Once Aarin’s hole begins to stretch, JR shoves the toy all the way in making Aarin let out a yelp of moaning pleasure. JR pulverizes Aarin’s scruffy hole with the dildo then lays him on his back to reach deep inside of Aarin. Both are working up a heavy sweat as they moan and grunt as JR fist fucks Aarin’s ass. JR keeps pounding Aarin’s piggy ass until he shoots his load all over his own balls then JR make him taste his own cum. To finish, JR kneels next to Aarin and oozes his cum onto his beard.


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Aarin Asker’s hole is ripe for initiation over at Raw & Rough. Shay Michaels buries his cock deep in Aarin’s hole and fills it full of piss. He holds it in until Shay tells him to squirt it out. After fucking Aarin’s piss hungry cunt, Shay smears his hole with a handful of crisco and works the bottoms hole open while piss drips out. Aching to blow a load while Shay has his fist up his hole, Aarin asks for permission before letting go of a huge blast of thick cum.