NJitalian rock hard and craving Amerifist’s big fists

Staying rock hard while taking fist is a horny feat no many pig bottoms can accomplish, but sexy NJitalian impresses us all with his big meaty cock staying rock hard. A boy in a sling with a boner and a hungry hole. Amerifist feeds its, fills it, stretches it, punches it unil NJititalian shoots his load…

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Cryxus squeals for Amerifist’s big meaty fists

Cryxus is a sexy ffucker. He’s one of the hottest bottoms around, and he can’t get enough of Amerifist’s big meaty fists. And who can blame him! He’s racking up quite a few sessions with Amerifist and both of them love it! Cryxus just rides and rides and rides. With his grimmaces of pleasure and his cute piggy groans!

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Amerifist fist fucks hungry FFucker Teddy Grimes


Teddy Grimes is a sexy ffucker. Tattooed, pierced, and bearded, this big butt pig boy is making waves in San Francisco! Climb into the sling boy and spread those big beefy legs – Amerifist has got some big ol’ punch fists to fill you up!


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Amerifist goes knuckle dragging in Matt Wylde’s hot hole


Matt Wylde been hitting the gym and has beefed up his body & arse! Geared up and ready to play the hot jock hits the sheets with Amerifist to get his hole dragged out all over the room and spasming like crazy!


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Amerifist punch ffucks Dyn0 to ass pig heaven!

dildofistathon-anal-extreme-fisting-interracial-gay-porn-dyn0-amerifist-at-studfist-1Amerifist has been there since the beginning, and he sure knows how to fill Dyn0’s hungry cavern. Double wide or elbow deep, Dyn0 lives for the big hole stretch, and Amerifist is gonna see just how far he can push Dyn0 in an epic dildo-fist-a-thon. Big dildos, big fists, huge anal balls, double fists, punch ffucks…and more! It’s no hOles barred ass pummelling FFun!!


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