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Andreas has a fear…a fear of being discovered online for being a totally fist-craving ass pig, but that has not kept him from feeling the mighty fists of Amerifist deep inside his guts.
Andreas and his big hole wanted Amerfist so bad so he puts on a mask so you can’t see who he is and became the latest amateur porn star to hit Studfist. Andrea’s hole is deliciously unrecognisable as Amerifist fist fucks, punch fucks, and trashes the pig hole, until all that is left is a red rosy rosebud in full bloom.


PORN: Handfull – Andreas & Amerifist @ have released one hell of an update. You will know what I mean when you read the description and see the preview video. I don’t usually copy and paste promotional blurbs but Amerifist and Dyn0 from have captured the rawness of the scene that will turn any pig on:

“Sexy and anonymous fist hole Andreas visits us in the dungeon of The Chrome Apartment in Berlin.. his ass is hungry and ready for a wreckin’!

Amerifist gets this stud into a gyno-chair, straps on a studded fisting gauntlet and goes to work on Andreas’ open hole. Sexy fisting hole destroying piss dripping cum shooting man sex here – all you can take!”

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