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Young versatile ffuck studs Axel Abysse and Brandon Moore have a fetish for fist

Young versatile ffuck studs Axel Abysse and Brandon Moore have a fetish for fist. Down in Club Inferno’s dungeon they both give each other full access to their pig chutes. Brandon braces his left leg high on a St. Andrew’s cross. Axel reaches up into Brandon’s back pocket. Rivers of viscous lube stream down Brandon’s legs. Brandon squats down low, grinding his hole on Axel’s fist. Axel’s fist fucking pushes Brandon to bust. The orgasm shakes Brandon’s body, and now he wants to make Axel cum.¬†Facing the cross, Axel grabs the handles and sticks his ass out for Brandon’s fist. Brandon lubes up and Axel lowers himself down on Brandon’s hand. Jerking his pierced cock, Axel shoots a big load and Brandon licks it up.

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Axel Abysse straddles a fuck bench & gets ffucked up good


Axel Abysse crouches on a fisting bench with his ass in the air, showing off his Prince Albert, his pierced taint, and his heavy metal cock ring. Brandon Moore gloves up and starts hole-punching Axel, alternating quickly between hands. As Brandon picks up speed, flashes of Axel’s red guts start to appear in his gaping man cave. Suddenly Axel pushes out his blooming rosebud, and Brandon smears it with lube. His sphincter stretching wide, Axel grinds his piggy hole even deeper around Brandon’s fist. Flipping on his back, Axel reaches down and uses both hands to stretch open his bowels and massage his giant rosebud with his fingers.


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Axel examines Brandon Moore’s man cave with giant metal hole spreader

o-f-d-obsessive-fisting-disorder-part-2-scene-1-brandon-moore-axel-abysse-anal-gay-fisting-porn-speculum-play-club-inferno-dungeon-1Axel Abysse got a new job as Dr Strangelove’s assistant, and there is only one treatment Dr Strangelove prescribes – assplay. Spreading Brandon Moore’s cheeks, Axel bathes Brandon’s crack with his tongue. To examine Brandon’s man cave, Axel lubes up a giant metal spreader and pushes it in. When Axel squeezes the handle, the spreader widens up, showing Brandon’s red guts. A massive, thick butt plug is next in line, and Brandon eagerly submits. Gloving up and coating his hands with sticky white lube, Axel reaches in and buries his hand up to the wrist. He trades his right hand for his left, and begins alternating quickly back and forth. Rolling on his back, Brandon jerks his cock as Axel dominates Brandon’s sloppy hole with bucket-fulls of lube.


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