Porn Update: Hole Busters Vol 9 (Scene 3) – Randall O’Reilly & Christian Andrade @ Club Inferno Dungeon

After working Boyhous’ impressive hole in Scene 1, Christian Andrade is back in Scene 3 of Hole Busters Vol 9, this time working over Randall O’Reilly’s cute little bubble butt. Randall knows how to work his own ass. With no one around he lies down on his back and fingers his own hole open. He then lubes up his own hole and starts to work a dildo in his ass. Little does he know, that someone is watching him in the shadows, ready to ram Randall’s ass with an even bigger dildo. The tattooed hunk walks in and the real action starts with Christian showing Randall just how to stretch his hole. Check out the full scene at Club Inferno Dungeon.

PORN UPDATE: Hole Busters 9 (Scene 2) with Trenton Ducati & Angelo

Club Inferno Dungeon has released Scene 2 of Hole Busters Vol 9 with Trenton Ducati and Angelo. Trenton Ducati is horny and his ass is busting to be abused. He tries to wait for Angelo who is in the shower but Trenton’s ass waits for no-one. After finishing his shower, Angelo walks in catching Trenton in action and decides to join right on in. If you like you assplay scenes on the vanilla end of the spectrum then you will love this scene. Trenton has a hot ass and Angelo is very pretty. For those of you that like things a bit hardcore Scene 1 of Hole Busters Vol 9 with Boyhous and Christian Andrade maybe more your scene.

Porn Update: Hole Busters Vol. 9 (Scene 1) – Boyhous and Christian Andrade

Club inferno Dungeon has finally heard my calls for the use of mega huge dildos in their hot but recently quite tame Hole Busters series. Scene 1 of HOle Busters 9 opens with a huge hole busting of Boyhous’ hole by Christian Andrade and his dildo arsenal. Boyhous has a bevy of hot amateur hole trashing play videos on Xtube, but this, if I’m not mistaken, is his first on screen play for Club Inferno Dungeon. But this pint sized pig bottom is no amateur.  The depth of his ass is amazing. It is cavernous. It goes for miles. And it shows. He impressively takes all four of the anal beads, then gets drilled by a huge bullet-shaped dildo taking it deeper and deeper until the whole dildo disappears up his hole.