Porn: Show Me Your Hole – Byron Saint & Christian Mitchell @ Fisting Central

In their last scene together Christian Mitchell was on the receiving end of Byron Saint’s fists (see here). This time round, the smouldering fisting daddy gloves up and gives the young stud a fistful in return. With his long legs spread wide, in go two fingers, then four, then a whole fist, until Christian teases this boy’s hole to give us his developing rosebud. With that sexy smile on his face, Byron is not one to just take things on his back. Byron gets into the squat position and sits down onto Christian’s fists, drilling his hole further down his daddy’s arm.


Byron Saint gives Christian Mitchell’s prostate a 5-finger internal massage

The studio behind Fetish Force has started to release some new scenes to supplement the massive FetishForce:Fisting Central assplay archives already on offer at the site. The latest release stars Byron Saint fresh from having his ass split in two @ Club Inferno Dungeon and Christian Mitchell who is on the receiving end of the Byron’s gloved fist. It is the first time I have seen Byron Saint as a top, and I have to say, I did not realise how tall and sexy the young stud is. I’m so used to seeing him on all fours, or on his back, or bent over and his ass sticking out. Not that I am complaining about any of those positions, and I’ll go on record to say they are all excellent views, it’s just nice to add this view to the memory bank 😛 Watching his long limber muscles flex and contract as he works on Christian’s ass is mesmerising. So too is Christian Mitchell’s ass as he slowly takes every last finger that Byron gives him. Continue reading “Byron Saint gives Christian Mitchell’s prostate a 5-finger internal massage”

Porn: ASS ATTACK (Scene 2) – Nick Prescott & Christian Mitchell @ Titan Rough

Scruffy stud Nick Prescott and hairy-chested Christian Mitchell have a date in the great outdoors in the latest release from Titan Rough. Nick Prescott makes sure Christian Mitchell knows he is the one in control of the situation. He pushes Christian’s head down and motions for him to open wide and work his huge boner that is bursting out of his jockstrap. Christian grips and pulls on Nick’s sac as he sucks, Nick spits a wad down which lands on his shaft before sliding down his balls to the ground. Nick shows his dominance even further by rubbing his muscular forearm on Christian’s face before trapping the suckers head in his manly pit. Nick then bends him over the picnic table and fucks him hard and deep, gyrating his groin masterfully. He then pulls out a couple of huge dildos and literally pounds them into Christian’s hole with his fist. He then gloves up and covers his hands with slimy lube then works Christian’s hole until all five fingers slip in. When Christian’s hole has clearly had enough of being trashed, they jerk off side by side before blowing their thick wads all over the picnic bench seat.


Porn Update: Last Call For Handball (Scene 3) – Christian Mitchell & Preston Johnson @ Club Inferno Dungeon

Who’s your daddy? When it comes to Preston Johnson it’s Christian Mitchell that calls the shots in the latest scene of Last Call For Handball at Club Inferno Dungeon. Christian Mitchell is still a newbie to the gay porn scene, and is still finding his fisting confidence, this being his second scene (see his first scene here). You know, it’s great to see porn showing a pig just starting to explore fisting play. From hardcore porn scenes to amateur videos, it may seem like fisting is all about hardcore punch fucking, double fisting, and even triple fisting. But fisting is primarily about pushing your limits, and stretching your boundaries, both physically and mentally, and that aspect is most evident when you first get into fisting play. So, thank you Christian Mitchell for sharing this with us, oh, and thanks for letting us watch you fist fuck Preston Johnson as well, Oink 😛

Porn – HOLISTIC (Scene 4) – Josh West & Christian Mitchell @ Club Inferno Dungeon

Christian Mitchell is a new recruit to Club Inferno Dungeon, in fact he is a new recruit to porn and gay fetish porn scene. Despite being a “late” newcomer he has booked his first  scene with thick-dicked, hairy-chested, all round stud: Josh West. Christian has had some fisting experience in his private life, but does not describe himself as a “fist pig.” He’s been hitting the gym hard and stretching his hole in readiness for Dr John West hands in his Holistic debut.

There is only one problem, Christian Mitchell has a burning hole that needs immediate attention and he demands Dr Josh West examines it. Christian strips from his army fatigues and spreads his ass cheeks wide. Using his medical torch, Dr West examines his hole closely and prescribes ice cubes to cool things down. Christian’s hole is still hot, so Dr West has no option but to delve deeper first by opening his hole with well lubed fingers before pummelling his ass five fingers deep. Christian Mitchell is a recruit that is eager to please and it makes for a hot ass widening encounter. Head over to Club Inferno Dungeon to watch the full scene.

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