Vote Ashley Ryder Best Director HustlaBall Award 2015

Asley Ryder gay porn star nominated for best director hustlaball awards 2015

Ashley Ryder makes assplay fucken sexy! He has got the (w)hole package: an incredible hole, sexy as fuck face, and an ass to die for. Ashley recently posted a couple of videos on his Tumblr blog that I had to share (see below).

The multi-talented pornstar and director over at BulldogXXX has also been nominated for Best Director at the upcoming HustlaBall Awards 2015. Ashley has injected some serious huge sex toy play and fisting play into the porn studio’s video releases (six movies have also been nominated) and wholeheartedly deserves our support. Head over to HustlaBall Award’s website and show him your support.

As an aside, Fostter Riviera Productions is behind this years HustlaBall Awards. If Fostter’s name sounds familiar, it should, he is one serious fisting bottom and has done some crazy ass scenes for BulldogXXX and Cazzo. His mission this year is to highlight the great content currently being produced in Europe.

Ashley Ryder nominated Best Director HustlaBall Awards 2015 for Drilled Locker Worship Ruined Cruised PenanceHead over to HustlaBall Award’s website and vote to support our FF buddies!!

As promised…Ashley Ryder’s vids (direct links here and here if embed fails):



Fostter Riviera gets a 4-way tag fisting

I have been following Berlin-based Fostter Riviera for a while now from his sneaker clad anal play scenes at Cazzo, to his locker-room fist scenes at Bulldog Pit, and now to his tagged teamed fist scene with the boys at Lucas Raunch. The four boys: Logan Moore, Raul Korso, Alex Lopez, and Theo Ford, take turns fisting Fostter’s ass skin to skin for one truly hot bareback ffuck. But that’s not all Fostter gives us. In another scene by the same studio, Fostter gives us a hot watersports/assplay session with a huge dildo, showing us just how piggy his hole can get. Fostter stretches his hole wide, and gives us an awesome view of his pink gaping cunt.Seeing that his gaping cunt needs filling, Tomas Brand stops by and lets out a stream of warm yellow piss right up Fostter’s hole. Oink! 


Stretched Out & Fisted: Jace Tyler, Billy Rubens and Bruno Fox give Fostter Riviera’s Ass a Workout

The producers of the scene, Bulldog Pit, apparently had some drama with this scene with the censors. It was released to the public, but then taken down and a more tame (minus fisting) version was put up. Now, the original director’s cut has been released with the approval of the stupid censors. I hadn’t been taking much notice of this studio until recently when Ashley Ryder (If you don’t know Ashley, he is a young and pretty-faced fist pig with a beautiful gaping hole) started to produce some of, if not all of their recent, assplay scenes.  He has definitely brought a quality eye and much needed raunch. He has also brought in some new performers to the studio like the mega hot Dolan Wolf, and now Portuguese porn star Fostter Riviera. Fostter is known for his mega huge thick and long cock, and now he is getting his ass out there, and I am glad he has, as you will see when you watch this scene! Pics and video after the jump.

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Dirty sneaker sex

The scene above is Fostter Riviera rocking his ass @ Cazzo Club. If you are into sneakers and hardcore assplay like I am, Club Inferno Dungeon have a few scenes, but check out Cazzo Club for a larger archive of filthy ass play scenes with guys wearing sneakers.