Porn: All you need is spit – Frank Valencia shows John Rodriguez what it means to wear fisting RED

This is how an asspig earns his stretch marks over at Darkroom:¬†John Rodriguez has a hot hungry arse, but to wear red you have to earn your stripes. Hot tattooed top Frank Valencia takes no prisoners and shows¬†John Rodriguez what he’s made of. After plunging his throbbing dick down John’s throat, Frank starts tearing up John’s hungry hole with his fists with just spit as lube, showing him what a good raw gut punch really feels like.


Porn: Spanish truckie Frank Valencia hammers Martin Mazza’s hole

European fetish porn studio, Jalif Studios, new scene release is for the Spanish boys. Hitchhiker Martin Mazza is on the road, and jumps into a truck hoping to be taken to Madrid, but arrogant trucker Frank Valencia has other plans for his new passenger. He’ll have to suck a lot of cock and become a good sex toy if he wants to make it any where near Madrid.