Porn: Amerifist plunges fist deep into 2 pig horny bottoms

Amerifist has his hands full over at with the latest release of The Riders. Not content with satisfying one hole, Amerifist has got Dyn0 and GermanFistRider together just to see how two hot jockstrap holes look on his meaty fists. With holes good enough to eat, Amerifist pries open their holes with his fingers before diving fist deep into both warm holes. How deep can he go?


Porn: Amerifist Unmasks GermanFistRider

One of my favorite asspigs, GermanFistRider, is back at for another round of Amerifist’s meaty fists. With legs spread wide and gaping hole in close-up and in full HD, Amerifist works the pigs hole. With each grunt and groan Amerifist deepens his fists into the  hungry hole. The sound of slop slop slop echoes in the dungeon amplifying the intensity of each fist fuck. Each going harder and faster until the look of sheer joy and satisfaction slowly drifts over GermanFistRiders face. When his ass begins to uncontrollably shake you know the satisfaction is complete.


Porn: Big Box – GermanFistrider & Amerifist @

GermanFistrider is back on Amerifist’s forearm in Big Box for If you have been following for a while, you will know GermanFistrider is a regular. Hell what fisting bottom would not want to ride Amerifist’s fists on a regular basis!?. Each time, GermanFistrider never quite shows us his face, always kitted out in a mask or sunglasses and cap. What he does show us is how loud he can be, and how insatiable his ass is. If this is how all German faustschweine (fist pigs) play, then let’s get fisten! Check out the preview and full scene of Big Box @

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