Porn: Hole Busters 9 (Scene 4) – Jeremy Stevens & Jimmy Durano @ Club Inferno Dungeon

Club Inferno Dungeon has released the next scene (scene 4) in Hole Busters 9. Both Jimmy Durano and Jeremy Stevens (particularly his ass) look hot in this video, but I am a bit disappointed in the lack of hardcore dildo play. Jeremy Steven’s ass first gets opened up with a small sized dildo which, I must admit he does push out nicely every time Jimmy pushes it in and lets go. Craving something bigger Jimmy grabs a dildo similar in width but twice as long and proceeds to pummel Jeremy’s ass to both their satisfaction, but unfortunately not to mine. Now, in my opinion, what would have made this scene a whole lot better was breaking Jeremy’s ass open with a John Holmes  or black bam sized dildo. Thankfully, Hole Busters 9 already has some good scenes to give it hole busting credibility (Check out Scene 1 with Boyhous, Scene 2 with Trenton Ducati, and Scene 3 with Randall O’Reilly).