Porn: Schaaff gets tag team’d by Wantbottom & Amerifist @

Young talented pig bottom, Schaaff, is back at for a hog wild fist frenzy of a scene. Germany’s notorious ass master, Wantbottom, and the stud fister himself, Amerifist, team up to double tag Schaaff hole. Schaaff gets it double fisted, punch ffucked, elbow deep, and double fisted by two men at once. Now, that’s what I call a hungry asspig.


Porn: Massive Attack – Fisthunterdk, Wantbottom & Amerifist @ StudFist

What a hole! One of the first guys to take Amerifist’s thick hands double fist wide, Fisthunterdk goes the hole asspig in this scene with both Wantbottom and Amerifist tag teaming his pig hole. The guys even share Fisthunterdk’s hole in an ebony and ivory double fist stretch. There is no doubt that Fisthunterdk has an impressive hole, and what’s even more impressive is just how easy he makes it look. Always halfway between a grimace and breaking out into a smile, there is obviously more going on beneath this pigs calm demeanour, but one thing is for sure – this pig is loving it!


Fisting Porn: Stretch – FisthunterDK & Wantbottom @

Wow! That is my reaction after watching FisthunterDK’s big hole in action @ His hole is so big he can take two fists very comfortably ( I would love to see him attempt a triple fist 😛 ). Amerifist is not playing top this time (probably behind the camera) and instead Wantbottom shows his double fisting skills on FisthunterDK’s ass. If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know I love watching the facial expressions of bottom pigs taking fist. When you watch FisthunterDK open his hole it is almost like he is in a state of calm meditation and Wantbottom’s slow and deliberate movements add to the experience. It’s an incredible scene. You can head over to to watch the preview and full scene.

Watch the preview video @