Trent Bloom shoots new fisting scene for Club Inferno Dungeon

It has been a while since Trent Bloom has shot a fisting porn scene, so I was over the moon when I stumbled across this behind-the-scenes photo of Alessio Romero and Trent Bloom shooting a new fisting scene for Club Inferno Dungeon. Looks like Alessio is doing a good job of digging his way into Trent’s ass. What I am not sure about is the title of the DVD, or the release date. It may be the final scene for the current DVD Last Call for Handball, but most likely it is for the next fisting DVD release. I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, you can watch Trent Bloom in his impressive back catalogue at Club Inferno Dungeon. Use promo code ‘Wild25’ for a 25% discount on first monthly memberships.

Porn Update: HOLISTIC (Scene 2) – Alessio Romero & Mike Tanner @ Club Inferno Dungeon

I am really enjoying Holistic, the latest fisting/dildo video release from Club Inferno Dungeon. In Scene 2 Dr Alessio Romero needs to examine Mike Tanner from top to bottom. He main concern is Mike’s prostate. Using a medical grade stainless steel prostate massager, Dr Romero carefully examines Mike’s hole. Deciding it needs more intensive treatment, the doctor selects a more robust prostate massager and pushes it deep inside Mike’s hole. It is obvious Mike can take a lot more and Dr Romero selects the biggest prostate massager from his medical tools and hits Mike’s prostate until he is satisfied. Next patient please!

I am really hoping Club Inferno Dungeon utilise medical forceps in the future scenes of Holistic. It really is the best way to to open up any hole to examine the prostate 😛

Fire in the Foxhole (Scene 3) – Cylus Kohan and Alessio Romero @ Club Inferno Dungeon

Fire in the Foxhole (Scene 3), the latest release from Club Inferno Dungeon, sees tattooed hunks Cylus Kohan and Alessio Romero together in a puedo-outdoor setting complete with and open fire. It starts off with some juicy cock-sucking skills from Cylus before he bends over to offer Alessio his boy-butt. Alessio works Cylus’ hole with his fists to a nice developing rosebud. It’s not the best of scenes, but I definitely want to see Cylus in a more action packed scene to see how far he can push his limits.

Check out the full scene at Club Inferno Dungeon.

Porn: Hole Busters Vol 7 (Scene 5) Jackson Lawless & Alessio Romero @ Club Inferno Dungeon


Hole Busters Vol 7 (Scene 5) is the lates release from Club Inferno Dungeon. And a hot release it is. When it comes to dildo hungry pig-bottoms the name Jackson Lawless always pops up, even amongst the pros. So when it comes to satisfying his hole, he needs an equally piggy top to get the job done. It is such a turn on to see Jackson Lawless legs spread kicking back in a sling giving tattooed hottie Alessio Romero (and us) complete access to his hungry hole. Alessio starts off with a foot long dildo that he works deep into Jackson’s ass. Then he pulls the big boy out. A mammoth ribbed dildo that Alessio uses as a weapon on Lawless’s ass. Watch the video to see if Alessio does the job of satisfying Lawless’s hungry hole.

PORN: Hole Busters Vol. 7 (Scene 3) – Alessio Romero & Levi Madison @ Club Inferno Dungeon

Ultra cool, ultra hot Alessio Romero and hung bottom boi Levi Madison give a good show in Scene 3 of Hole Busters Vol. 7 over at Club Inferno Dungeon. Alessio finds Levi in a sling; legs spread and ass ready for action. Alessio fingers and rims Levi’s hole to find out just the right size dildo to stretch his hole. Starting with a good sized dildo he drives it into Levi’s hole, but Levi wants more, so Alessio works up to a hefty inflatable dildo then plants his mouth on Levi’s equally hefty dick that pushes Levi to his limits. To watch the preview video you will have to head over to Club Inferno Dungeon to check it out.