The latest update from is out, or should I say in? Titled I/O (IN/OUT), it is set in the Rob Apartments that have ‘stay ‘n play’ studios near the heart of gay Berlin. Making use of the playspace, powertop Amerifist sets FFVersaut up on a St Andrew’s Cross. Pushing his ass out, FFVersaut’s shows us it is the perfect position to show off his bubblebutt which  is nicely framed in his skin tight bottomless rubber shorts. Working from below, Amerifist works FFVersaut’s hungry ass first with his tongue then his massive fists one after the other. See for yourself why this is called IN/OUT at

PORN: Fistpeter and Amerifist @

Amerifist’s Czech mate FistPeter is the latest amateur star at This young twink has an infectious smile and talented hole. He can’t hide his love for fist or the camera for that matter (or is it the camera that loves him?). Amerifist works his hole without holding back the punches, even pushing Fistpeter to take both his huge fists in a massive double-fist stretch fest.

Watch the full scene at

PORN: Roof Top’d – Chuck Deep & Amerifist @ Studfist

Chuck Deep had a nice treat for Amerifist on a recent trip to Southern California. Inviting Amerifist up to the roof top to enjoy the Californian sun, Chuck had a little more in-store. Stripping down to his jockstrapped ass, Chuck puts on a show for the whole area. This boy knows how to take a fist, and has no trouble tackling Amerifist’s huge hands. Chuck’s previous scenes for have not disappointed, and this is no exception.

Check out the full video at

PORN: Double Dip – Trent Bloom’s Pops his (PORN) Cherry @ turns amateur guys like you and me into porn stars. And that is just what they did with Trent Bloom. In (what I am led to believe) his first scene on camera, Amerifist fists Trent’s ass into fisting stardom. Kitted out in wrestling lycra Trent takes everything Amerifist dishes out: Punch fucking, deep fisting, double fist – Trent takes it all. There is a huge mirror in the room which reflects all the play and gives Trent an awesome view of his own ass in action. What makes this scene extra hot is how much fun Trent has. A cheeky half smile stays on his face throughout play as well as letting out a horny chuckle every now and then – All while his ass gets trashed. And check out that rosebud. Do we need to ask why his name is Trent “Bloom”?

To check out the full scene you will have to delve into the archives at It is well worth the effort. Trust me.

Have you got ambitions of being fisted on camera? are always looking for eager amateurs. If you are in the San Francisco area and you want to appear on their website, check out the full details at

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PORN: Hayden1970 & Amerifist @

Featured at this week is a great scene with Amerifist and Hayden1970. Hayden1970’s ass just loves Amerifist’s big clenched fist. Taking punch after powerful punch all you hear is that horny splattering lube sound characteristic of a hungry horny hole swallowing whatever comes; no matter how hard or how fast. Pure ecstasy in my view, and, judging by Amerifist’s rock hard cock: he thinks so too.

Click the picture below to check out preview video of Hayden1970 and Amerifist in action on