Porn: Armond Rizzo gets some hard medicine from Dr. Sean Zevran @ Hot House

Armond Rizzo’s hole has been getting a lot of action of late, and it’s about time he gets a medical examination at the Hot House clinic. Luckily, hunky Doctor Sean Zevran’s expertise is anal medicine and has just the right medical tools to inspect Rizzo’s hole. Dr Zevran gloves up, injects some lubricant into his patient’s hole and first gives a deep digital exam using his fingers. To confirm his diagnosis, he gets out his surgical stainless steel probe, but soon realises that’s not enough to get to bottom of his client’s case. There is only one more tool he has in his medical tool box…


Pint-sized sex pig Armond Rizzo knows how to bust his hole

Armond Rizzo Taking Noah Donovan's big black cok in inter racial fuck fest at Raging Stallion

Armond Rizzo is young, sexy, athletic and has one of the hottest pig cunts on the porn scene at the moment. There is nothing this pint-sized bottom cant take: massive dicks, huge fucken dildos, and mighty big fists just to name a few. He is my favorite assplay performer at the moment and I am sure we all agree that his hole is dynamite, I mean just look at that rosebud, who could resist planting your face into that?! If you are one of the rare few who haven’t seen him play check him out taking huge dildos and fist at Club Inferno Dungeon, and taking big fat cock at Raging Stallion.

Porn: Armond Rizzo and Dominic Pacifico give their insides some serious ruffing up

Neon colors are back in style and porn director Christian Owen has brought his colourful playfulness to assplay in Club Inferno Dungeon’s latest series titled Arm Candy. Pocket rocket Armond Rizzo and ruff hunk Dominic Pacifico take turns in plugging each others holes with some pretty dazzling huge dildos: a neon green textured dildo with flanged and flared edges, and a pale orange/yellow studded buttplug; both sure to give your insides a serious ruffing up. And check out Armond’s rosebud! His hole blooms outward in a huge red mound with the smooth pink sphincter at the center!


Porn: Sean Duran drills Rogue Status’ & Armond Rizzo’s holes

The Club Inferno Dungeon army base is full of soldiers needing a release. Word around the base is that Sean Duran’s tent is the place to go to get some hardcore action. Rogue Status is the first to turn up to his tent keen to suck some cock and get his ass stretched by some hefty dildos. While the boys are in the full throws of playing, Sean’s tent buddy Armond Rizzo comes back and catches them in the act. Rouge gets thrown out, but horned up Sean gets his buddy out of his daks and drills the boys hole to a nice creamy gape hole.


Porn: Sean Duran drills Private Armond Rizzo’s juicy ass

Private Armond Rizzo hasn’t busted his nut in almost a week and he’s horny as fuck. As luck would have it he’s been assigned the night watch alone and he’s brought along some of his favorite toys to keep him company. The young soldier grabs a bullet-shaped latex dildo, lubes up his tight hole, and shoves it up his ass. Although he tries to keep his solo assplay on the downlow his moans attract the attention of Sean Duran who comes in and catches Rizzo in the act. Duran strokes his giant cock then steps up to take over for Rizzo. He swaps out the butt-bullet for the 10′ inflatable, a much more formidable weapon to really put Rizzo’s hole to the test. Armond rises to the occasion and even begs for more, prompting Sean to shove the heavy anal beads up his freshly stretched hole. Sean continues his anal assault while both men jerk off and eventually blast loads all over Rizzo’s big juicy ass.