Mike Tanner gets his furry hole fist fucked!

Brian Bonds stands naked against a wall as Mike Tanner makes out with him. Eagerly sinking to his knees, Brian pushes his face into Mike’s jockstrapped ass and uses his thumb to push his saliva inside Mike’s hole. Climbing on top of Mike, Brian sucks Mike’s cock while Mike eats Brian’s ass and sucks his cock. As Mike puts his legs in the air, Brian puts on his gloves and works his hand into Mike’s hole. Mike jerks his hard, hairy cock as Brian penetrates Mike’s man cave up to his wrist. Brian starts alternating hands, sliding them in and out in a smooth, fluid motion. Standing up on a platform, Mike pushes down deeper and heavier on Brian’s slick, gloved hands. Thick lube slides across Mike’s hairy ass. With Brian’s hands deep inside him, pressing tightly against his prostate, Mike jerks his cock and explodes with ropes of cum, which Brian catches with his mouth.

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Porn: Horse-hung Dean Brody pummels ass-pig Jaxon’s gaping ass-tunnel

Jaxon has found his new favorite sex toy: the pig-hole. With a sexy as fuck look on his face and the toy gaping his man cunt, the twisted ass-pig lies on his back ready and waiting for Dean Brody. Jaxon’s hungry hole draws Dean out of the shadows, and doesn’t waste time as he shoves a long dildo in the asspig’s stretched hole.

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Marcus Isaacs subjects inmate Byron Saint to a full cavity search

Byron Saint has been a busy boy. He is one of a raft of young fisters that Club Inferno Dungeon picked up this year and already has three hot scenes under his belt with some mega hot tops. With Jimmy Durano and his sack of huge dildos (including the boot-shaped dildo) in Last Call for Handball, and with muscled god John Magnum and his fists in Fist Fuckers. This time round he faces off with rough man Officer Marcus Isaacs. Inmate Byron has been caught by surveillance cameras ‘hiding’ things up his ass. Isaacs demands Byron strip naked, get on all fours and stick his ass out for a full body cavity search. Saint insists he’s got nothing to hide but that doesn’t stop Isaacs from pulling on the latex gloves and shoving his hand up Byron’s ass to search for contraband. But the only thing Isaacs discovers is that Saint loves being fisted! Continue reading “Marcus Isaacs subjects inmate Byron Saint to a full cavity search”