Bound Fisting

I have recently developed a fantasy of being tied up; my hands and legs bound in a way that keeps me in the same position. A position with my ass open and vulnerable to being taken advantage of without me having any control of how much it is abused. This fantasy falls into the realm of S&M. A realm I have yet to experience, but would gladly submit to this type of bound fisting play.

What is your fantasy?

Hot Socks

I recently discovered sports socks are great to keep yourself warm while fisting in winter. Not only are they practical; as an added bonus they look fucking hot too.

Wild Dudes: Adam Killian

Falcon Studios has been one of the biggest names in porn for some years. In the past they produced some very hot fisting videos including The Other Side of Aspen IV; which includes the very first huge dildo/fisting scene I watched in a porn video (still viewable in the site archives). I could not help notice Falcon’s latest update of tattooed hottie Adam Killian washing his car. He works his ass like a pro. I am not the biggest fan of solo videos but you cannot deny a man with an ass like Adam’s.