Dildo Collections

Loyal blog follower Nike Fister sent me a pic of his toy collection. I am loving the long smooth dildo in the center. I am sure that has passed a few sphincters 😛 Nike Fister loves the huge stretch his butt plugs give.

Here are a few more awesome dildo collections.

What does yours look like? Send me a pic.

PORN: Fistpunkpup & Amerifist @ Studfist.com

Studfist has got some fresh meat in Fistpunkpup. Only 27yo this young FF punk knows how to take a fist. And not just any fist. With a cheeky smile and the sounds of very satisfied grunts, Fistpunkpup swallows Amerifist’s mammoth fists one after the other. Not yet satisfied, Fistpunkpup’s ass opens up to get a taste of Amerifist’s meaty forearms. I can’t say I blame him.  This young pup is one horny little fucker.

Check out the full scene at Studfist.com.