Sling Virgin

I have to confess I am a fist fucking sling virgin. That is, I have never had the pleasure of being fisted in a sling. I am told the position relaxes the colon and allows for deeper penetration. Hopefully, I will be able to lose my FF sling virginity soon.

Wildassdude Video: Intense Huge Dildo & Fist Session

One of my favorite positions is having my ass hang over a chair right in front of the mirror. It really opens up the colon and relaxes the muscles. My big fisted fisting buddy knows how it does this, and saves some of the most intense fisting action for this position. After slowly opening me up with a few dildos from my collection, he gets me to hang my ass over the edge of the chair and uses my new mega black dildo to stretch my ass wide. When my ass has relaxed he takes the pace up to mega speed and just wrecks my hole. Check it out. Assume the position guys.

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