First video of me ploughing my ass with huge dildo

This is the first video I ever made and posted to xtube. I took it down a while back, but thought I would re-post it. I made it not long after buying my first huge dildo – black rambone. Combining my exhibitionist streak, I set up a box near the back verandah, opened the door, slipped on a pair of sunglasses, and pressed record. Poppered up, my ass takes as much dildo as it can in lots of hot positions, including on my back where my ass really gets a spread.


Mate fisting my hole

This video was recorded at the same fisting session as my most recent upload – Hole Stretching Fist Play (see below). Thought I would upload this as a bonus…enjoy 😉


Hole Stretching Fist Play

Winter is not the best time to fist, especially when the heater is in the other room. But my arse was too hungry to let the cold weather get in the way. My top buddy wasn’t too keen on fisting in the cold weather either, and he sure showed my hole who was boss. He gave my hole one hell of a stretch…and I loved it. Check out the full video HERE.

Mate fisting my hole after a few drinks

After a few drinks, I went back to my mates place. He was keen to play with my ass more. I was totally up for it. He set me up on his sofa and started opening me up. It wasn’t long before my hole loosened up and taking his whole fist. My hole was really hungry and at one point started to push my ass back on his fist. My mate got the hint and started to treat my ass like its made for. I even got the chance to check out my reflection in the glass doors to my right. hot stuff… LINK TO VIDEO.

Poppered up Playing with my hole

Just me poppered up and playing with my dirty hole. Check out the free video  HERE.