Axel Abysse has got a taste for ASIAN fist fuckers Asher Hattori & Ryuji

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Porn: The FF session we have all been waiting for – Amerifist punches his way into the Axel Abysse @

Axel Abysse needs no introduction, this young Tokyo-based ass slut recently made a trip over the pacific to the US for whirl-wind fist fest with a couple of the top fisting porn studios. If you have watched his amateur videos you know Axel loves getting fisted, loves getting his hole stretched, and most of all loves getting his ass bruised and destroyed. It’s no wonder then Axel’s first fist stop was to get a taste of Amerifist’s mighty fists. It’s a FF match-up we have all been waiting for, and patience has paid off big time. Amerifist gets him in the sling and you quickly see the pleasure that washes over Axel’s face, this boy enjoys fist up his hole and he likes to fucken show it too. Watch how he looks straight into Amerifist’s eyes making sure the top gets the message that he wants more. And when I say more…well let me just say this boy takes punches way above his weight!



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