Porn: The Hand That Fists You (Scene 3) – Boyhous and Champ @ Fisting Central / Fetish Force

The latest release of The Hand that Fists You from Fisting Central / Fetish Force is out. Hairy hunk Champ leads Boyhous into his sex lair and helps him get comfy in his leather sling. Champ then sucks up saliva from Boyhous and uses it to lube his hairy hole. Boyhous responds by fingering his own hole while Champ gets the gloves and lube. Champs then starts to expertly work Boyhous’ hole open. He then dives his fists deep into Boyhous’ hole and fists it until it is a sloppy mess, Boyhous flinging his head back repeatedly in ecstasy. Champ then dives into the mess he has created until he blows his wad.


PORN UPDATE: Hole Busters 9 (Scene 2) with Trenton Ducati & Angelo

Club Inferno Dungeon has released Scene 2 of Hole Busters Vol 9 with Trenton Ducati and Angelo. Trenton Ducati is horny and his ass is busting to be abused. He tries to wait for Angelo who is in the shower but Trenton’s ass waits for no-one. After finishing his shower, Angelo walks in catching Trenton in action and decides to join right on in. If you like you assplay scenes on the vanilla end of the spectrum then you will love this scene. Trenton has a hot ass and Angelo is very pretty. For those of you that like things a bit hardcore Scene 1 of Hole Busters Vol 9 with Boyhous and Christian Andrade maybe more your scene.

Porn Update: Red Handed (Scene 4) – Boyhous and Josh West

Boyhous continues to show us his piggy hole with his third scene release this month. First with a hole busting scene is Hole Busters 9, then a rosebud ripping scene for Fisting Central/Fetish Force, and now a scene in Red Handed for Club Inferno Dungeon. It is the month of Boyhous, and it is easy to see why. The pint sized pig bottom has an ass that just swallows huge toys and fists and better than that; he looks fucken hot doing it. Head over to Club Inferno Dungeon to see Boyhous’ full hole busting scene and more…

Porn Update: Dude! Where’s My Watch? – Boyhous & Element Eclipse @ Fisting Central has found a new home at I am so glad some of you have already been able to take advantage of the new arrangement. With access to two extensive video archives (Fetish Force plus Fisting Central) you get two sites for the price of one. And with the same people behind Club Inferno Dungeon you know you’re getting a quality site with quality content.

In the latest release amateur cum fisting porn star Boyhous has hit the sling for Fisting Central in: Dude! Where’s My Watch – a hole rousing and hole rose-budding fuck scene. Element Eclipse is keen to explore Boyhous’ hole in every way he can. Element gets on his knees and loosens Boyhous’ hole with his tongue, toying with the hairs around Boyhous’ swollen and hungry hole. He then works Boyhous’ hole with his huge cock, probing deep inside. After working Boyhous’ hole open, Element gives him his fist. Element’s rhythmic fisting motion causes the sling to swing, gaining acceleration and amplitude until Element’s arm is buried halfway to the elbow.

Watch the full scene at Fisting Central.