PORN: 2 Bottoms No Top – Brian Bonds & Drake Jaden @ High Performance Men

When I saw the promo pictures of this scene from High Performance Men, I thought to post it for bit of fun. Granted the dildos are a bit small, and we all know that Brian Bonds can take a (w)hole lot more up there, but after actually watching the scene it most def got my cock rock hard and my ass twitching. Both Brian and Drake Jaden ride those dildo balls like they’re at a rodeo. But you know what the best bit for me is? When Brian turns on the dirty talk charm and gets Drake to drill that perfect ass of his. Yum!


PORN: Long Arm of the Law (Scene 2) – Jordano Santoro & Brian Bonds @ Club Inferno Dungeon

Jordano Santoro may be wearing the uniform but inmate Brian Bonds is calling the shots in Scene 2 of Club Inferno Dungeon’s latest series – The Long Arm of the Law.  I am always happy to see Jordano Santoro in a scene, especially when he is in uniform, but wish we get to see more of that hot ass of his. When Club Inferno Dungeon, sets up a scene, they don’t just give us the ordinary assplay, they tend to explore the different scenarios that could happen in a setting. In this jailhouse scene, Santoro is the stern officer intend on punishing the horny prisoner by forcing the end of his flashlight up the wide-eyed boys ass, but instead discovers that Bonds gets off on it. See more after the jump. Continue reading “PORN: Long Arm of the Law (Scene 2) – Jordano Santoro & Brian Bonds @ Club Inferno Dungeon”

PORN: The Hand That Fists You (Scene 4) – Brian Bonds & Ben Reyes @ Fisting Central

Scruffy ginger boy Brian Bonds is back on his back getting his hole worked by Ben Reyes in scene 4 of The Hand that Fists You at Fisting Central. Ben Reyes wastes no time in getting his hands lubed and sliding them into Brian’s pink hole. Brian cries out as his hole gets challenged by each fist that delves deeper inside his tight hole. Ben keeps going, despite Brian flashing his teeth in an animalistic roar of pain and pleasure. With Ben’s fists ass deep, Brian pulls out his cock and wanks himself to climax.

Check out this scene and more at Fisting Central / Fetish Force.

PORN: Punch In:Punch Out (Scene 1) – Brian Bonds & Derek Parker @ Club Inferno Dungeon

Club Inferno Dungeon have just released a new video series titled Punch In : Punch out. Scene 1 stars jockstrapped Brian Bonds with his sweet ass and dirty facial expressions and tattooed hunk Derek Parker. Boss Derek Parker has in mind to fire Brian Bonds, but Brian is adamant he has talents that his boss has not yet seen that may change his mind. Brian shows Derek his toolbox full of huge dildos and bends over to show his boss just where to put them. Derek gets down on his hands and knees and spits, licks, and rims Brian’s hole, then he selects a huge dildo from the toolbox greases it up and starts to work it deep inside Brian’s hole. With more talents to show off, Brian tells his boss to fist his ass. Derek gloves up and works his whole fist up Brian’s eager hole pulling out to reveal a developing rosebud. Impressed with his employee’s talents, Derek stands up and blows his load all over Brian’s furry chest. Looks like Brian is keeping his job.


PORN: Take The Plunge (Scene 4) – Brian Bonds and Jessie Balboa

Elbow deep! Check out this new hot scene with talented bottom Jessie Balboa and, ass in training, Brian Bonds at ClubInfernoDungeon. This scene is basically in two parts. The first part sees Jessie Balboa work open Brian Bonds tight hole. Jessie is determined to open up Brian’s hole and Brian’s eye bulging looks is not going to persuade him to take it easy. The second part is where the real action takes place. Jessie Balboa shows Brian just how a good bottom should perform. Getting on all fours, he prompts Brian to slide his hand right in, not stopping until it hits elbow. If that was not enough to make his ass gape wide, Jessie spreads wide to take Brian’s two fists at once!

Check out full scene at ClubInfernoDungeon.

Check out full scene at ClubInfernoDungeon.