Porn: Gio Ryder fists Brock Rustin’s big furry ginger ass

Brock Rustin has been in a few hot scenes at Club Inferno Dungeon, and this new scene with young gun Gio Ryder is no exception. Brock has got one of those holes that you just want to keep on stretching. Rimmed with ginger bum fuzz, Brock’s hole is ripe enough to eat the hell out of, and the film crew must agree as we get some mouth-watering close-ups of his pliable hole. Brock is a horny ffucken asspig. His grunts, groans, and red headed madness is just the right kind of dirtiness to make anyone into assplay hot under the collar, and, more importantly, rock hard down below. If this scene hits the spot, and I’m sure it will, make sure you check out his other scenes for more ginger-haired ass stretching ffun.


PORN: Dr. Josh West and Brock Rustin in Sickos (Scene 1)

Brock Rustin returns in Club Inferno Dungeon new series Sicko. Teamed with hottie Dr Josh West, Brock gets examined from head to toe in his annual check up. With as much fist action as Brock gets, Dr West feels it necessary to do an intensive internal examination.   Dr West lubes up Brock’s ass and fingers his hole open. It is not long before Dr West is probing Brock’s ass with his fist. Dr West then orders Brock on all fours; power-fisting his ass to tests Brock’s limits. After, a thorough examination Brock is given a clean bill of health.


Check out the full scene at Club Inferno Dungeon.


PORN: TAKE THE PLUNGE (SCENE 3) with Sebastian Keys, Trent Bloom & Brock Rustin

Some guys when they play like to be just bottom or just top. But if your one for versatile play, then this scene is for you. Club Inferno Dungeon gives us another hot scene with fisting all stars Sebastian Keys, Brock Rustin, and Trent Bloom showing they can flip from top to bottom, and sometimes both at the same time. Trent Bloom catches Sebastian and Brock hard at play. Before you know it, Trent is amidst the action ramming a huge dildo up Brock’s hungry hole. Meanwhile, Brock works on stretching Sebastian’s fresh hole with his fists. Not one to pass up an opportunity; Sebastian is eager to see what all the hype is with Trent’s hole. Working his fists up Trent’s hole, it is not long before Sebastian has his arm buried up to the elbow.

Check out the full scene at Club Inferno Dungeon.

PORN: Take the Plunge Scene 1 – Sebastian Keys & Brock Rustin

Brock Rustin has an amazing (dare I say; even beautiful) hole. Club Inferno Dungeon’s latest update – Take the Plunge Scene 1 – shows off Brock’s hole to the max. Close up after close up of his beautiful hole eagerly opening and closing to accommodate anything that comes. Sebastian Keys doesn’t hold back: feeding Brock’s hole with a giant string of balls followed by his gloved fists. While Sebastian Keys top skills could use a bit more experience, he makes up for it when he opens his own ass to Brock’s fist for a dual fisting climax.

Check out the full scene at Club Inferno Dungeon.