Machine_Fuck_Me – pump fucked

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Joey D dials up the speed on twin fucking machines for Gage & Issac’s ass training session

Hairy, muscular Gage Lennox and smooth, lean Issac Lin show off their asses to big, beefy Joey D. Joey has a special surprise for their training session today: twin fucking machines! They take turns choking on Joey’s fat, hard meat, eager to do whatever it takes to please him. Before using the fucking machines to fill their asses, Joey makes Gage and Issac lube up their dildos by showing off their cocksucking skills. When Issac’s dong is ready, Joey spins him around and guides the big, black dildo into his hole. As Issac watches, Joey slides his cock into Gage’s hole and fucks him. With Gage’s hole opened up, Joey spins him around and guides him onto the fucking machine. The speed ramps up. Joey has one more trick in this session to destroy Joey and Gage’s holes. Joey reconfigures the fucking machines so that they penetrate straight up into the air, penetrating more deeply than ever into their eager holes.

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bic12 – Godzilla fuck

Bic12 poses the question: What does a godzilla cock feel like? The answer? Well according to this muscle jock: “Amazing.”

One of my best bits in the video is when the top goes searching for the pool ball inside the jocks hole, instead of just pulling it out, he grabs it in his fist, making his fist probably double the size…oink!

This is one hot stud, with one hot hole. Watch it get destroyed!

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PORN: Drilled – Dolan Wolf (Solo) @ Bulldog Pit

When you do all the drilling, sometimes you just what to get Drilled yourself and Dolan Wolf does just that in the latest from Bulldog Pit. Dolan Wolf’s muscular and hairy bubblebutt needs no introduction. He is one super-bottom pig and gets right to the action grabbing the nearest thick dildo and squats right down on it, presenting his hairy ass to the camera so we can see just how much he can take and what a great bottom he is!  With the lube dripping down, he pushes the dildo all the way in and all the way out, leaving his hole more than ready for a fucking. Twisting and turning and bouncing along in motion, Dolan takes the thickest dildo like a hungry bottom pig.  He then switches his attention to the fucking machine, sticking his ass out and making sure that the attached dildo goes deep. Keep your cock stroking in time with the machine and you will be cumming up Dolan’s ass in no time!


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XXXL Dildo Play

This is how you do it…