Cryxus squeals for Amerifist’s big meaty fists

Cryxus is a sexy ffucker. He’s one of the hottest bottoms around, and he can’t get enough of Amerifist’s big meaty fists. And who can blame him! He’s racking up quite a few sessions with Amerifist and both of them love it! Cryxus just rides and rides and rides. With his grimmaces of pleasure and his cute piggy groans!

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Sling Slut Cryxus poppers up to take Matt & Amerifist’s Wylde fists

gay anal extreme fisting porn Cryxus & Matt Wylde Sling Slut 1Matt Wylde and Amerifist get Cryxus into the play sling for some serious arse-spreading fist pumping. Taking big hits of poppers, Cryxus gets his pig hole smashed and pummelled by Matt, before being tag teamed by Amerifist. Working the jock hole hard, Amerifist gives Cryxus one fist slam after another. Cryxus’ greasy and sloppy hole ain’t got no time to shut-up shop before another fist comes thundering in.

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Fist pig Cryxus reveals his face for the first time on camera

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Cryxus is back at Studfist; revealing his full face for the first time on camera…and what a spunk! Meanwhile, Matt Wylde has got a pig hole of his own, but this time round he’s the one delivering the blows, but cameraman Amerifist cannot resist getting in on the action. Cryxus becomes a meat in the sandwich with Matt’s fist in one end, and Amerifist’s meaty cock filling his throat at the other end. But we all know Amerifist, he can’t forego sliding his own fist into a young fist jock like Cryxus…

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Porn: Cryxus gets hole slammed by fist god Amerifist @ Studfist

Fist loving latino stud Cryxus is back at Studfist for a second round of ass busting play on the end of Amerifst’s paws. In his last scene we saw Cryxus taking it hard on all fours with his ass striking to take the mighty fists. This time the stud is keen to show his hole in all its piggy glory as he gets impaled. On his back and with his meaty legs legs pulled back behind his ears, this show is all about his ass. Big, wide, and craving fist, I doubt you could resist wanting to dig deep into that greased up hole. Amerifist does the boy right with a fist in his ass, tongue in his mouth, and dick down his throat for a full service top to bottom experience…


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This week Studfist is introducing us to a hot athletic latino stud that goes by the name Cryxus. Geared up in my own favorite fisting kit: jockstrap, cap, and sneakers Cryxus has his ASS UP ready to take on Amerifist’s big fists. But the big top’s fists are clearly a challenge at the start but it’s not long before the latino pig bottom shows his pleasure by groaning loudly and wiggling his little booty. Amerifist responds digging deeper and harder, then slamming his pumped up hole with his meaty cock… I’m sure Cryxus will be cumming back for more fun soon….