Cylus Kohan blindfolded and fist ffucked

I recently posted a picture set and preview video of Cylus Kohan’s FF top work in Down & Dirty (see here). I got horned up by this tattooed stud, so did a bit of searching on the internet, and found these hot pics of a blindfolded Cylus getting fisted in, what looks like, a private play session. This fist pig has starred in a number of hot scenes for Club Inferno DungeonFire in the FoxholeDown & Dirty, and Fist Freaks. He is talented as a bottom fist ffuckee, but is also a hot ff top. If he gets a rise out of you check out his on set scenes here.

EDIT: After coming across a few more pictures, apparently, this is an abduction scene, where Cylus was blindfolded the whole time. Still don’t know if this was a scene from a porn studio or a private session. I can’t find any links for it.

Porn Rewind: DOWN & DIRTY (Scene 1) – Evan Matthews & Cylus Kohan @ Club Inferno Dungeon

I was watching this scene with Cylus Kohan & Evan Matthews, and was reminded how hot it is to get fisted by a top with tattooed arms. In fact, I think every serious FF top should have tattooed arms. As bottoms we all want to know how deep we’re taking it. Typically, you would reach back and feel the tops forearm then trace it down to your hole, or check it out in the mirror (but that’s no accurate measure), or another way is to check the crisco ring left after the top pulls out. But, if every FF top had tattooed arms, you could size up from just one look how deep you are, and how much further you want or need to go.

It’s pretty hot to look behind and see a tattooed forearm slowly disappear, and if your talented, disappear completely just as Cylus Kohan does to Evan Matthews in this Down & Dirty scene for Club Inferno Dungeon. This is, apparently, Cylus Kohan’s first on-screen fisting scene as a top; but it doesn’t show. He works Evan Matthew’s talented hole like an expert FF top: double fisting, deep ffucking, punch ffucking, piston ffucking. There is nothing left out in this intense fast paced fisting scene. Both Cylus’ arms get nice and greasy, and covered in ass juice. Woof! Check out the preview below, then head over to Club Inferno Dungeon to watch the full scene.

Fire in the Foxhole (Scene 3) – Cylus Kohan and Alessio Romero @ Club Inferno Dungeon

Fire in the Foxhole (Scene 3), the latest release from Club Inferno Dungeon, sees tattooed hunks Cylus Kohan and Alessio Romero together in a puedo-outdoor setting complete with and open fire. It starts off with some juicy cock-sucking skills from Cylus before he bends over to offer Alessio his boy-butt. Alessio works Cylus’ hole with his fists to a nice developing rosebud. It’s not the best of scenes, but I definitely want to see Cylus in a more action packed scene to see how far he can push his limits.

Check out the full scene at Club Inferno Dungeon.