Porn: Silver-daddy Jeff Grove gets nasty verbal with jockstrapped Tiger Milner @ Daddy Raunch

Oh daddy, when Jeff Grove tells Tiger Milner to, “let me see that hole, pig,” you know is gettin’ nasty. Tigers creamy ass is smoking hot in a jockstrap and daddy Jeff spreads him wide to get a good look; fingering; licking, and fucking the blindfolded slut. There’s no toys or fist play in this scene, but what really makes it, well apart from Tiger’s hot jockstrap butt, is daddy Jeff Grove getting all nasty verbal, and we all know how hot a dirty talking top be when your playing bottom pig.


Porn: FFucking deep daddy holes to the elbow and beyond

Hot Desert Knights have been filming hardcore fisting scenes for the past 10 years. To celebrate they have released a compilation of some of their best deep fisting moments. Titled FFUCKING DEEP HOLES, this handball extravaganza has over 2 hours of footage divided into 4 episodes. 10 scenes and 16 men  in an incredible fisting frenzy from start to finish of hardcore deep ass penetrating play. Pure extreme deep handball action, two handed ass stretching, double fist fucking, rapid fire punching and the deepest hole exploring action to the armpits that you ever will see. It’s absolutely un-fucking-believable!

STARRING: Tony Ryder, KiwiMuzza, RedRight, Richard Rider, Lex Leder, Mike Toms, Steve Wild, Sid Code, Kurt Woodfever, Andre, Hannes, Mitch Banning, Eagerboy, Steve Tuck, Ardon Masters and C.J. Michaels


Porn: These raunchy FFucking daddies show no mercy and no limits when it comes to Fist!

No mercy, No limits! These daddies know their way around the Berlin fist dungeon and don’t hold back taking the big punches, double fists, elbow deep fist fucking, and baseball bat play. Watch as Mike Tom works Steve Wilde’s pink hole slowly working his hand into a fist and digging into that ass. Meanwhile, Kurt Woodfever and Sid Code are heating up for some extreme fist play. Kurt’s hole is pig hungry so Sid feed the bottom his cock, soon Kurt wants something bigger, so Daddy punch fucks that ass with his fist. Still not satisfied, Daddy pulls out his baseball bat….it’s not called batter up for nothing. It’s not long before these boys are hitting a home run after home run!


Porn: Elbow deep and one, two, three hands in!

This is how the real pigs play at Daddy Raunch. Grunting, the sling bound ass pig says, “rape my hole, sir.” Fisting daddy responds, punch funking and double duck billing the greased up hole.  “To the shoulder,” grins the daddy as he pushes in and doesn’t stop; the greedy pig swallows and “doubles-down” with both fists, in at once. Another daddy cums in to add his fist; looks like the lucky piggie is in for a “three-fer.” Rattling his chains, the piggie is more than happy to share. The daddies then rotate punch fucking and trashing the hole, while piggie encourages them to “go deeper.” 

PORN: Butt Busters – Bill Marlowe & Dax @ Daddy Raunch