Porn: Latino Viktor Rom Visser stretches Manuel Olveyra’s hole with his massive fists @ Dark Alley XT

Viktor Rom Visser has a Russian sounding name but this muscled stud is a Venezuelan born latino with a horny dominant and cheeky streak. Viktor is at Dark Alley XT this week with the huge task of getting his massive fists into versatile fister Manuel Olveyra’s jockstrap framed hole. With veins popping out of Viktor’s thick forearms he gets right to work opening up Manuel’s tight asshole. His ass straining with the outwards pressure, Manuel moans and cries out in disagreement, but has no option but to submit to the punishment of Viktor’s fist. In his cheeky dominant style, Viktor makes Manuel take every bit of what is expected of a bottom pig!


Porn: All you need is spit – Frank Valencia shows John Rodriguez what it means to wear fisting RED

This is how an asspig earns his stretch marks over at DarkroomJohn Rodriguez has a hot hungry arse, but to wear red you have to earn your stripes. Hot tattooed top Frank Valencia takes no prisoners and shows John Rodriguez what he’s made of. After plunging his throbbing dick down John’s throat, Frank starts tearing up John’s hungry hole with his fists with just spit as lube, showing him what a good raw gut punch really feels like.


PORN: Geoff Paine shows Joe Gunn the fine FFucking line to pure pleasure

What’s that Divinyl’s lyric “it’s a fine line between pleasure and pain”? In this hot new scene from DarkroomJoe Gunn’s face tell the story as he navigates the fine fist fucking line between pain and pure ecstasy. Geoff Paine mercilessly plunges his fists, and a few monster dildos, into Joe Gunn’s horned up pig hole in all positions – on his back, on all fours, on his side, on his stomach, and in the sling.  It’s raw and it’s hardcore for the truly ffilthy pigs out there.


Porn: These two sexy fist fucking ass pigs

Tommy Hawk and Geoff Paine are two horny fist fucking sex pigs. Watching this scene is like stumbling on two hot fuckers in a dark corner of a sauna. Tommy Hawk gets his fists inside tattooed furry spunk Geoff Paine. Inch after pleasurable inch of Tommy’s arm seeps into Geoff’s ass getting him ready for a furious fisting session.


Porn: Little piggy Jeff Browning has a tight hole and wants his fist cherry popped!

Jeff Browning is the first versatile pig to arrive at Matthias von Fistenberg’s hotel room, and this little piggy has a tight hole that wants to be opened. Matthias gets the young stud all horned up by making him fist his hole; the boy is versatile after all! After Matt’s hole gets his fair share of the ffun, the two flip roles. Matthias makes the little big-dicked pig bend over and spread his ass apart, and Matt rams his pierced cock right up it. Matt spanks the little punk and starts to finger Jeff’s hole. But this boy’s hole is tight, and Matthias need to use all his muscle to make the boy’s hole spread wide. With Jeff grimacing and eager to take his first fist, he slowly relaxes his hole, and with nowhere else to go but in, the pressure of Matt’s fist hard against his hole, it finally gives in and this little piggy’s fist cherry is popped for good!