Porn: Xperts – Derek Parker & Seamus O’Reilly @ Club Inferno Dungeon

“Some things are better left to the experts” is the tagline to Club Inferno Dungeon’s new anal play series: Xperts. When it comes to fisting and huge dildo play, I’m not sure this statement is entirely true what with the many amateur players that can do amazing things with their holes. But saying that, Derek Parker & Seamus O’Reilly gives us some hot and horny assplay. In only his second scene with the studio, I am cumming to the conclusion that Seamus is definitely a sex pig that is not afraid of some nasty play, and Derek is not afraid to give it to him.


PORN: HOLISTIC (Scene 3) – Derek Parker & Preston Johnson @ Club inferno Dungeon

Preston Johnson is back at the Club Inferno Dungeon medical clinic for more specialised Holistic treatment. This time Preston has a somewhat embarrassing problem: He has something lodged up his ass. Dr Derek Parker uses his fingers to probe Preston’s ass and pulls out a stainless steel buttplug. While he is gloved up, Dr Parker orders a full rectal examination. Preston willingly agrees and spreads his legs wide to ensure Dr Parker explores all areas of his hole. He then flips over onto all fours making sure no area has been missed. Check out the full examination at Club Inferno Dungeon.


Hot Porn Butt

A bevy of hot porn butt is on offer at the moment. I could not resist posting a few shots of bubblebutt hotties Franco Ferarri and Jordano Santoro in The Dom from and Derek Parker in Self-Expression from These scenes do not involve any fisting or dildo action, but it is still provides a good spread and some finger licking that will sure to make you cum 😛

PORN: Hole Busters 7 (scene 1) – Derek Parker & Blue Bailey @ Club Inferno Dungeon

Club Inferno Dungeon have just released Hole Busters Vol. 7. Scene 1 stars mask clad Blue Bailey and tattooed smoking top Derek Parker. Blue Bailey needs his ass worked over and he is not about to wait around for someone to do it. He slides a nice sized dildo into his hole unaware some one is watching him. Derek Parker decides to take over, working the fat toy deep into Blue’s ass. Derek then works a nice inflatable dildo up Blue’s butt hole. It gives Blue’s ass a good stretch that makes Derek blow his load all over Blue’s boots.

I’m in love with Derek Parker. He has got that sexy masculine look happening with the muscles, tattoos and slight bit of hair on the chest and face. He also makes these fucking horny shapes with his mouth slightly open. I just wish he could learn some hot dirty talk to make him the perfect dirty top I know he could be.

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PORN: Punch In:Punch Out (Scene 1) – Brian Bonds & Derek Parker @ Club Inferno Dungeon

Club Inferno Dungeon have just released a new video series titled Punch In : Punch out. Scene 1 stars jockstrapped Brian Bonds with his sweet ass and dirty facial expressions and tattooed hunk Derek Parker. Boss Derek Parker has in mind to fire Brian Bonds, but Brian is adamant he has talents that his boss has not yet seen that may change his mind. Brian shows Derek his toolbox full of huge dildos and bends over to show his boss just where to put them. Derek gets down on his hands and knees and spits, licks, and rims Brian’s hole, then he selects a huge dildo from the toolbox greases it up and starts to work it deep inside Brian’s hole. With more talents to show off, Brian tells his boss to fist his ass. Derek gloves up and works his whole fist up Brian’s eager hole pulling out to reveal a developing rosebud. Impressed with his employee’s talents, Derek stands up and blows his load all over Brian’s furry chest. Looks like Brian is keeping his job.