Porn: Elbow deep and one, two, three hands in!

This is how the real pigs play at Daddy Raunch. Grunting, the sling bound ass pig says, “rape my hole, sir.” Fisting daddy responds, punch funking and double duck billing the greased up hole.  “To the shoulder,” grins the daddy as he pushes in and doesn’t stop; the greedy pig swallows and “doubles-down” with both fists, in at once. Another daddy cums in to add his fist; looks like the lucky piggie is in for a “three-fer.” Rattling his chains, the piggie is more than happy to share. The daddies then rotate punch fucking and trashing the hole, while piggie encourages them to “go deeper.” 

Porn: HOLLOW’D OUT – Straight stud HollowFF & Amerifist @

Amerifist has got his hands deep in a STRAIGHT guys hole over at The only person that has ever been up this stud’s hole has been his GIRLFRIEND. In true ass pig style, HollowFF was ready to see what a man’s hand would feel like using his hole, and hey, why not film it in the process! HollowFF is takes everything Amerifist throws at him – deep arm fucks, hard punches and some wide stretching hole destruction! As if that wasn’t enough – Amerifist slips in his fat dick right next to his huge fist before letting up on the boy …and then throws him a hard big cock fuck anyway!


Porn: XPERTS (Scene 3) – Blake Daniels & Drew Sebastian @ Club Inferno Dungeon

Club Inferno Dungeon has released another hot piggy scene with Drew Sebastian. With young muscle stud Blake Daniels to play with the dirty pigs get on all fours with a double-headed dildo between them. Each one inserts an end and they begin expertly pushing and pulling the heavy latex toy between them, literally fucking themselves and each other at the same time. The erotic assplay drives both guys crazy until Drew begs Blake to shove his fist up his ass. Drew lies on his back and strokes his giant 10-inch cock while Blake works his gloved fist deep inside his buddy’s hole. Blake slowly shoves his hand in and out of Drew’s hungry ass until he sees a bright red rosebud pop out. The fisting frenzy continues until Blake rips off his gloves, shoves them in Drew’s puckered hole, and jerks his load all over Drew’s giant nut sack and hairy hole.

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PORN: Double Your Pleasure – Trent Bloom & Amerifist @

Trent Bloom is back @ in their latest release: Double Your Pleasure! And we all know the pleasure meter goes through the roof when it comes to Trent’s impressive pig hole. Amerifist has him in the perfect position: on his back, legs in stirrups, and his hole spread wide and on full show. With nowhere to move, Trent’s hole has only one way to go and that’s to full gaping rosebud. Amerifist starts with a solitary fist, but it soon gets heated up as he ploughs his thick forearm deep into Trent’s hole. With ass hungry for more Amerifist goes for the double fist, stretching Trent’s hole to maximum. Double wide and double deep Trent’s pure pleasure is clear on his face. With a flash of a smile, a flash of a piggy glint in his eye, and a flash glance at the camera every now and then just to let you know that the show is all for you. Trent Bloom turns it on! OINK!