Dyn0 gets his arse drilled to SatisFFaction by pig top Dolan Wolf

More of Dyn0 & Dolan Wolf’s FFUCK in a cheap & dirty hotel. Dyn0, Dolan & Amerifist went out for some drinks and next thing you know the 3 pigs are checking into the shittiest hotel in the district. Clothes off , cameras rolling and Dyn0’s big hole is sucking up everything in sight!

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Dyn0’s sleezy slut arse gets FFucked! by Dolan Wolf

Studfist’s resident pocket pig Dyn0 sets up a little party for a few friends in a cheap hotel in a crappy part of town. Dolan Wolf brought some fun toys to see how much Dyn0 could take. Dildos, Rubber Gloves and Double fists disappear into Dyn0’s cavernous little slut!

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Dyn0 stretched to the max by Joey Jordan

Joey Jordan likes everything BIG. Big muscle body, big siliconed cock & balls, and most of all BIG gaping pig HOLE. Joey been working on stretching Dyn0’s hole. This time round he’s intent on seeing just how much Dyn0’s hole can take — Massive dildos sinking in deep, thick forearms disappearing, and holes stretched double fist wide. Dyn0 is ready to catch everything big boy Joey is throwing!

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Amerifist punch ffucks Dyn0 to ass pig heaven!

dildofistathon-anal-extreme-fisting-interracial-gay-porn-dyn0-amerifist-at-studfist-1Amerifist has been there since the beginning, and he sure knows how to fill Dyn0’s hungry cavern. Double wide or elbow deep, Dyn0 lives for the big hole stretch, and Amerifist is gonna see just how far he can push Dyn0 in an epic dildo-fist-a-thon. Big dildos, big fists, huge anal balls, double fists, punch ffucks…and more! It’s no hOles barred ass pummelling FFun!!


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Amerifist & Dyn0 hit LA for FFilthy deep & greasy FFun

amerifist-forearm-deep-into-dyno-dyn0-gay-extreme-fisting-fetish-anal-play-deep-in-la-studfist-1Ain’t no stopping Amerifist going all hands in, into Dyn0’s hole that is. The two have hit Los Angeles and are turning up the ffilth meter. Raw fists greased, Amerifist dives deep into Dyn0’s hole inching towards his elbow. If that weren’t enough ffun, Amerifist gives him the double wide fist whammy…SO FFILTHY DEEP! SO FFUCKEN HARD! SO FFREAKIN’ WIDE!!!


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