Trent Bloom plugging his hole @ Steamworks for

Check out these hot pics of a younger Trent Bloom riding massive dildos over at before filming his first porn scene ‘Double Dip – Trent Bloom’s Pops his (PORN) Cherry.‘ Trent has a go at Dyn0’s bag of massive toys (a collection that any ass player would want to own and take for a ride) which includes a huge buttplug that even Dyn0 apparently has trouble taking. Dyn0 made a wager that if Trent could successfully take the buttplug he could keep it. Needless to say Trent went home with another toy in his bag of tricks. If these pics wett your appetite for raw assplay, then head over to for a smorgasbord.

Porn Update: Hammered – Amerifist & Dyn0 @

Hammered - Amerifist & Dyn0 @ 2Dyn0 is back in the sling at, this time with big fisted Amerifist towering over his hole. Dyn0 and Amerifist (along with a camera man) are crammed into a small room at the Apollo in Berlin, and a good thing too as it gives us a close up of Dyn0’s hole in action and the expressions on his face as he gets slammed again and again with Amerifist’s clenched fist.  Check the full ass hammering action at


Porn: Big Fistin’ – Dyn0 and Joey Jordan @


When you get Dyn0’s ass and Joey Jordan’s massive fists together you get Big Fistin’, the latest release by And big fisting it is, with Dyn0 opening extra wide for Joey’s fists. It’s a great match-up seeing Dyn0’s smooth creamy ass being pounded by the tanned hairy arm of Joey. There are also some hot close-up action of just how awesome Dyn0’s hole is as it stretches wide to accommodate Joey’s clenched fist. Check all the action at

PORN: Knuckles – Dyn0 & Hogan Wade @

Naked bodies and a tub of crisco is all you need for ffun…and ffun is just what Hogan Wade and Dyn0 gives us in the latest offering by With the background of Dyn0’s smooth moans and horny grunts, Hogan stretches Dyn0’s hole both wide and deep. It is clear Dyn0 is not afraid of a clenched fist; no matter how big, and it is not long before Hogan’s huge hands and meaty forearms are deep in Dyn0’s ass; smoothly sliding deeper and deeper at Dyn0’s direction. If that were not enough, Dyn0 treats us to stretch play that hints at a hot double fist by Hogan’s mega fists. Despite Hogan’s XL cock teasing us in the foreground, the talents of Dyn0’s ass is centre stage in this hot scene. A definite thumbs up Dyn0 😉

Check out the preview and full scene at

Check out the preview and full scene at

Dyn0 Mega Stretch

There is nothing as horny as feeling your ass stretch to swallow your favorite toy. Watching comes a close second 😛