Ely-X: Dildo frenzy

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Porn: Ely-X is blindfolded with ass ready to be fist packed by Amerifist – Watch him squirm at Studfist.com

There is one hole that gives me an instant boner at the moment and it belongs to total asspig Ely-X. In his debut scene with Studfist.com, this slim little pig was up against the massive fists of Amerifist for the first time. Let’s just say his performance was impressive and he had a sloppy gaping hole to show for it. In Ely-X’s latest scene, he is up for another round with Amerifist, but this time Amerifist is gonna make him squirm. Ely-X likes to be pushed to his limits and with such a talented hole Amerifist has to bring out the big guns – closed fist punches, deep play, and extra wide stretching…get ready to squirm with pleasure!


Porn: Amerifist uppercuts Ely-X’s gaping sloppy fist hole

Amerifist has a new ass to play with over at Studfist.com, and it is one hot deep gaping hole. Ely-X is a young fister that contacted Amerifist via their website. He has done some vanilla porn before, but he wanted to try something a bit more FFilthy. Well Ely-X; now the real FFun starts!  Despite being a skinny young cutie, this boys hole gives a massive gape, and boy does Amerifist try to stretch it wider to get a good look inside. Taking some big punches and some nice deep thrusts, Ely-X’s sloppy pig bottom hole has quickly become one of my new favorite holes! I’m sure this boy will be back for more!